Chaotic Sword God

Xin Xing Xiao Yao

Chapter 3428: Infiltrating the Saints' World

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Chapter 3428: Infiltrating the Saints’ World

As soon as he heard it mention the Primeval Divine Hall, Jian Chen could not help but smile wryly. He said helplessly, “I can’t contact the Primeval Divine Hall either. I don’t know where it’s hiding, but please don’t worry. It’s encountered some troubles before. Once it’s dealt with the troubles, it’ll come and find me by itself.”

“In other words, I won’t get the Primeval Qi you promised me in the foreseeable future?” The artifact spirit of the Source of Life’s tone gradually turned cold. Its emotions fluctuated with a sense of undisguised fury.

“Don’t worry, the Primeval Divine Hall has already accepted me as its master. It’ll end up in my hands sooner or later.” Jian Chen could only comfort it like this. He did not doubt the Primeval Divine Hall’s loyalty, or the artifact spirit of the Primeval Divine Hall never would have used a Death Subst.i.tution Talisman to save him back then.

“You b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you’re going to the Immortals’ World, so how can the Primeval Divine Hall still come and find you? I refuse to believe someone as weak as you can make a natural spirit like the Primeval Divine Hall cross over to a different major world just to serve you. You liar, give me back my Myriad Source Qi! Give my back my Myriad Source Qi!”

Immediately, the protective glow around Jian Chen trembled violently, flickering in intensity like it could extinguish at any moment. The artifact spirit of the Source of Life was having a fit.

Elsewhere in the chaotic sea, the Book of the Populace became thirty thousand metres wide, flowing with a haze of light. Its powerful presence flooded the surroundings and directly crushed down on the Anatta Grand Exalt.

Daowei Fatian’s replicated clone stood above the Book of the Populace. He was stern, forming a seal with his hands and controlling the Book of the Populace with his full strength.

Down below, the Anatta Grand Exalt raised her hands. The Laws of Creation, Destruction, and Fire appeared at the same time, colliding with the Book of the Populace.


With a great rumble, the falling Book of the Populace came to a halt, having been forcefully stopped by the Anatta Grand Exalt. Daowei Fatian who stood above the Book of the Populace shuddered violently, and the power of ways around him paused as well.

But at this moment, a colossal tower rapidly fell down over Daowei Fatian’s head with blinding light. Wherever it pa.s.sed, the surrounding chaos Qi scattered.

That was the Anatta Tower!

The Anatta Tower had now become thirty thousand metres tall, glistening with golden, dazzling light. The destructive presence it gave off made Daowei Fatian s.h.i.+ver.

Apart from the Anatta Tower, the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng hovered in the chaotic sea as well. It beamed with light, like a scorching sun in the heavens. In the next moment, a colossal column of energy shot out from the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng towards Daowei Fatian.

Daowei Fatian became extremely stern. He stood on the expanded Book of the Populace and changed his seals, extending his finger towards the book beneath his feet.

With that, the t.i.tle of the book, “Populace”, immediately began to s.h.i.+ne, forming a faint layer of light that enveloped him.

The Anatta Tower landed on Daowei Fatian with devastating pressure as the column of light from the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng blasted against Daowei Fatian as well.

However, after enduring these attacks from the two sovereign G.o.d artifacts, Daowei Fatian was unscathed. It had all been blocked by the layer of light from the Book of the Populace.

The layer of light seemed very thin, but it was extraordinarily tough. After blocking the two attacks, it only shook violently but did not fall.

But shortly afterwards, the Anatta Grand Exalt appeared behind Daowei Fatian silently. The three laws permeated, weaving into three simple glyphs that drifted out.

Daowei Fatian grunted and staggered backwards on the Book of the Populace. The protective light from the Book of the Populace was finally damaged. His face paled slightly.

But shortly afterwards, he sprayed blood onto the Book of the Populace from his mouth. As his hand seals changed, an immense and colossal presence rose up from the Book of the Populace.

The word that formed the t.i.tle of the book, “Populace”, suddenly seemed to spring alive. Its characters twisted and actually broke free from the cover, standing up slowly.

When the word that shone with golden light drifted into the chaos, a supreme pressure immediately spread out as if it could place the world under its command and rewrite the cosmos.

The Anatta Grand Exalt stiffened slightly. Faced with the word that seemed to come alive, even she could not help but develop the urge to submit despite her strength.

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It was as if the word contained a mysterious power that could make all the living creatures in the world submit to it.

In just half an hour, Daowei Fatian had completed his search across all the great planes and planets of the Saints’ World.

At this moment, he hovered somewhere in the Saints’ World with his eyebrows firmly locked together. After a moment of thought, he suddenly looked towards the Book of the Populace. He was extraordinarily stern. He murmured, “Book of the Populace, oh Book of the Populace, I know you’re alive. I also know that you can sense the location of the Dominion's Brush. After all, you both come from the Hole of Reincarnation.”

“The Dominion’s Brush is about to end up in the hands of experts from the Saints’ World. I need to retrieve the Dominion’s Brush before then, so please guide me to its location. Please!” Afterwards, Daowei Fatian sprayed the Book of the Populace with essence blood.

He had infiltrated the Saints’ World, but ruining Ancient Paths’ plans was secondary. His primary objective was to find the Dominion’s Brush.

However, after spraying it with essence blood, the Book of the Populace did not respond.

“Sigh, sure enough. Looks like I’ll have to rely on myself to find the Dominion’s Brush.” Daowei Fatian sighed gently in disappointment when he saw this.

In the southern region of the Cloud Plane, in the capital of the Pingtian Empire, a woman in white stood on the top of a building. She gazed into the depths of outer s.p.a.ce, in the direction where the world boundary ripped open.

She happened to be clutching a brush firmly in her hand.

She was Fang Jing.

She wielded the Dominion’s Brush and completely concealed her presence, without letting any of it leak out, such that even sovereigns of the Saints’ World were unable to detect her.

Suddenly, the Dominion’s Brush trembled gently, and Fang Jing immediately looked away. As if she had sensed something, she looked towards a different direction and immediately began to grind her teeth. She said resentfully, “It’s the Book of the Populace. You old b.a.s.t.a.r.d, so you really have infiltrated the Saints’ World, and you’re actually trying to find me through the Book of the Populace.”

“Hmph, I might not know what underhanded methods you used to obtain the Book of the Populace, but it clearly doesn’t recognise you. You’re dreaming if you think you can find my traces through the Book of the Populace.”

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