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9000 Dreams

Chapter 1139

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Chapter 1139: Useless Woman 2

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Madame Min pa.s.sed out because of some physical issue, and it was chaotic. Apart from those from the Min Family, who were anxious, many people were trying to see what happened to Madame Min, even though they were pretending to be concerned. Therefore, Madame Min was instantly surrounded by a huge group.

Zhou Huailing and Junyi came when they heard the chaos, but since they were with the ladies, many people were already there when they arrived.

The Crown Prince was blocked by the crowd, which made Junyi unhappy.

However, many of those from the crowd were officers and ministers, except for Gu Chaoyan, who was a woman. That was why Junyi developed an enormous dislike towards Gu Chaoyan.

He knew what this woman was doing.


Madame Min had the highest position in the whole mansion, and the Min Mansion attached great importance to etiquette and manners.

If anyone showed concern to Madame Min, he or she might attract Madame Min’s attention, and receive her respect. That would bring about huge benefits in the future. Junyi knew this well, and believed that this woman was here for this purpose too.

That was why he did not like her.

These women were all stupid. They could do nothing except to show off how beautiful they looked.


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He had no idea what she was doing here?

She remembered how Xie Yan spoke of this cla.s.smate of his. He told her that this man disliked women and she had found what he said true. This man did not even try to conceal his disgust.

Gu Chaoyan snorted and turned to Junyi with a look of interrogation.

That was the first time Junyi was interrogated. He was stuck speechless. He had been furious a while ago, because of what the Crown Prince Consort did and because of what this woman did, but when he tried to vent his anger in front of this woman, he had never expected that she would counter him in this way without showing any shame.

Junyi had a bad look on his face, but he still countered. “I am not a doctor, how would I be capable of doing this?”

“Then keep your mouth shut and stay aside. Don’t bring trouble to Madame Min because of your stupidity.” Gu Chaoyan countered angrily.

Then she gave Junyi a push and headed towards Madame Min.

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