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Chapter 2037

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2037 The Strong Will Always Be Bound by Obsessions, Disciple Lan Acquired, Leaving Right After Getting a Disciple

“So, are you willing to let go of your obsessions?” Chu Kuangren said calmly.

Lan went silent the moment she heard that.

The faces of all the Yao Tribe members appeared in her mind.

She slowly stood up and said out loud, “Never!”

“Why is that so?”

“Never means never. I’m never letting go of my obsessions. If I were to let myself forget about my fellow tribe members, it’d mean that the Yao Tribe would disappear.”

“If you’re unwilling to let go of your obsessions, I suppose that’s as far as our paths will cross. These obsessions of yours will consume you one day.”

“I will never forget you for what you did for me, honorable rescuer. If there’s a chance in the future, I, Lan, will surely repay you for your kindness. However, if you want me to live for myself and let go of my obsessions, I’m sorry to say I can’t! I don’t care what becomes of me in the future as a result of my obsessions. I’m prepared and won’t regret anything,” Lan said.

“Do you understand how priceless of an opportunity you have given up for a bunch of dead people? If you become my disciple, you are guaranteed to become a Primordial in the future. Likely, you’ll even achieve transcendence and traverse the Infiniverse at will.”

“I understand. However, I can never let go of these obsessions.”


Chu Kuangren chuckled.

His laughter grew until it echoed across the universe.

It felt as if the entire universe was trembling because of that.

Upon noticing the energy fluctuations coming from him, many elites were frightened.

“It’s that person again. Has he gone mad?”

“What is that mysterious elite cultivator doing? Did something good happen to him?”

Although curious, everyone did not dare to be rash and peer into what was happening.

They were afraid of incurring that person’s wrath.

However, a few courageous, or foolish, cultivators carefully sent their Immortal Consciousnesses to Chu Kuangren, trying to see what was happening.


Chu Kuangren’s gaze narrowed, and his Immortal Consciousness surged. As his soul was already in the Chaos Realm, his Immortal Consciousness was nothing compared to before.

Within an instant, the Immortal Consciousness trying to peer in was struck.

Another soft grunt sounded from somewhere.

It seemed like the person who tried to peer into their location was injured.

Everyone else exchanged their thoughts through their Immortal Consciousness.

“Judging from the direction it came from, it looks like someone from the Taiyuan Holy Grounds.”

“It’s the other Primordial of the Taiyuan Holy Grounds. Tsk, so they still haven’t given up, huh? Although their other Primordial was killed, to think they still dared to act.”

“The Taiyuan Holy Grounds…”

A cold glint flashed in Chu Kuangren’s eyes.

However, he thought of something and did nothing. Instead, he looked at Lan and let out a satisfied smile. “You have successfully pa.s.sed my trial. Well done.”

Lan was a little confused.

‘Wait, did I just pa.s.s?’

‘Didn’t he say that fate between us has run its course if I don’t let go of my obsessions?’

“People often say that attachments and obsessions are the bane in one’s life. However, if one has no obsession, how can one persist and progress on this long and arduous path of cultivation?”

“Seeking wealth is an obsession, coveting power and strength is an obsession, and desiring immortality is also an obsession. Even the goal of being desireless and free of attachment is, in fact, a type of obsession. Of all the individuals who reached the pinnacle in their respective areas, how is it possible that none of them possess any obsessions or attachments?” Chu Kuangren explained slowly.

His true intention was not to force Lan to give up her obsessions.

On the contrary, he was testing how strong her obsessions were and how steady her resolve was.

She clearly did not disappoint.

Her obsessions were deep and unyielding, which was a sign of the strength of her character. She held strong values over emotions, principles, and loyalty.

Despite facing many temptations, she had not given up. Instead, she remained steadfast in her principles and convictions.

That was the essence of staying true to oneself.

“Honorable rescuer, does this mean…”

Lan’s face gradually lit up in delight.

The mist before her disappeared.

Dazzling bursts of Immortal Sparks swirled as a figure in white robes appeared. His movements were graceful and possessed the poise of an Immortal. He looked like an otherworldly being had just stepped out from a painting.

“You are worthy of becoming my disciple.” Chu Kuangren looked at Lan and said.

“Greetings, Honorable Master!”

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Without another word, Lan knelt on the ground and kowtowed respectfully to Chu Kuangren.

A few days later, Lan had learned all the various cultivation techniques.

She was stunned and mesmerized by the various mysterious cultivation techniques given to her.

Among them, the Nine Primordial Tribulations Physique technique amazed her the most.

She swore that even the Yao Tribe’s most advanced cultivation technique could not compare to it.

“I can’t believe Master has given me such a powerful technique so casually. What exactly is his cultivation level?”

Lan was utterly amazed.

She then opened the Yin and Yang Ring Chu Kuangren gave her.

The glimmering treasure inside instantly illuminated the surroundings.

Seemingly endless amounts of treasures and items were stuffed inside that Yin and Yang Ring.

There were Immortal Crystals, Immortal Herbs, Embodier Weapons, Source Supreme Treasures…

Many of the items inside would be useful to her even when she becomes an Embodier.

She gulped at the sight of it all. ‘By the heavens, even at its peak, the Yao Tribe didn’t possess so many treasures.’

No. It was without a doubt that only a handful of forces in the universe possess such a wealth of treasure.

Any of the treasures in that Yin and Yang Ring would surely spark a b.l.o.o.d.y war throughout the universe.

One could say that Chu Kuangren had given her a whole treasury instead!

Her grat.i.tude and amazement toward her new Master had reached a new height.

“To be able to meet someone like Master is certainly the greatest thing that has happened to me in my life!”

“With the cultivation techniques and resources Master has given me, I’m confident I’ll break through into the Embodier Realm within a thousand years!”

“You people at the Taiyuan Holy Grounds, just you wait!”

There was a look of determination on Lan’s face.

She knew that considering how powerful Chu Kuangren was, wiping out the Taiyuan Holy Grounds would be an effortless thing for him. However, she also understood that he chose not to do so because he wanted her to hone her skills and become stronger.

In that case, she could not disappoint her Master and had to avenge the Yao Tribe!

With that, Lan turned around and left.

Thus began the female cultivator’s journey toward greatness and dominance.

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