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Chapter 1276 - Chi Shuyan's Indifference

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Chapter 1276: Chi Shuyan’s Indifference

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Chi Shuyan was helpless against how the man acted so familiarly with her. She gritted her teeth and tugged at the food box, but the man took it from her.

She couldn’t be bothered to reply, and wondered whether she should just leave without eating lunch. However, she still had a lot of in the afternoon, and who knew if something else would happen to the Yu family in the evening, so she still had to eat lunch.

Although she didn’t want to be entangled with this man, what was the point of making herself suffer?

Thinking this, Chi Shuyan’s heart relaxed. She wasn’t in a hurry to leave, and followed Brother Feng into Feng Yuancen’s ward. She then took the lunch box from the man’s hands. Afraid that Brother Feng’s lunch would be cold by now, she took the initiative to switch food boxes with him.

Feng Yuanlin waved his hand. “I’m a boor, I can eat anything. Besides, it’s just that the food is a little cold. It’s not a big deal. I’m the one who has wronged you, Shuyan, making you eat something so crude with me. When I’m free next time, I’ll treat you to a big meal!”


Chi Shuyan smiled and was about to agree, when a deep voice rang out next to her. “No need!”

Feng Yuanlin and Chi Shuyan both choked. Unlike Chi Shuyan, who choked because she was rendered speechless by the man next to her, Feng Yuanlin purely felt that Zhenbai was deliberately looking for trouble. He looked up at Zhenbai, who was sitting in front of him. It was one thing for this kid to ignore him just now, but why did his tone sound so strange? It didn’t match Zhenbai’s character at all!

Feng Yuanlin never once considered that this friend of his could be jealous of him one day. If he knew, it would probably put him in an even better mood. As he lifted the lid of the food box, he cursed, “Are you f*cking crazy? Did you come to the hospital to find trouble with me? Then, you’re really not welcome here!”

Qi Zhenbai’s eyes were indecipherable. He pursed his lips and glanced sharply at his friend, who was sitting very close to his wife. Feng Yuanlin got gooseb.u.mps all over his body under Zhenbai’s sharp gaze. His heart turned cold. He wanted to keep on taunting him, but didn’t dare to!

Chi Shuyan had no idea that the man was jealous. Hearing Brother Feng scold Qi Zhenbai, she was secretly happy. She was quite hungry, and the food from the hospital canteen wasn’t bad.

She lifted the lid of the food box. There were vegetables and meat. Chi Shuyan felt more and more hungry. Seeing that Brother Feng hadn’t ordered as much as she did, and that he had paid for her meal, Chi Shuyan took the initiative to say, “Brother Feng, how about we eat together?”

Feng Yuanlin didn’t think much of it. He wasn’t someone who would wrong himself, and he had a very good relations.h.i.+p with Zhenbai and Shuyan. Seeing that there was a lot of meat in Shuyan’s food box, he swallowed his saliva. Without thinking, he nodded and said, “Okay, Shuyan, then I won’t stand on ceremony!”

Because this was a VIP ward, there was a table and chairs here.

Chi Shuyan pulled the table over and placed the lunch box on it. She chose a seat close to Brother Feng so that he could pick food from her lunch box.

Feng Yuanlin also said that Shuyan could take anything she liked from his lunch box as well.

Chi Shuyan nodded and took a mouthful of rice. She first picked up some vegetables from Brother Feng’s lunch box, mainly because she didn’t want him to take the initiative.

Seeing that Shuyan wasn’t polite with him, Feng Yuanlin was also happy. He took a mouthful of rice and didn’t stand on ceremony anymore as he picked up some pickles and meat from Shuyan’s food box. He especially loved this dish. If Shuyan hadn’t come, he wouldn’t have been willing to get it, given how he had been spending all his private savings on Feng Yuancen recently.

He had emptied out more than half of his private a.s.sets in the last few months. He usually saved this money without relying on the Feng family at all, and had his own salary.

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No, Feng Yuanlin had to make Zhenbai bleed a little no matter what. Besides, this friend of his was rich. Who else could Feng Yuanlin look for, if not him?

Feng Yuanlin chuckled, which annoyed Qi Zhenbai. Seeing his wife ignore him, Qi Zhenbai repeated his words.

His expression was incomparably serious when he spoke. His jealousy was so obvious; how could Feng Yuanlin not see it? Seeing Shuyan ignore Zhenbai, this rascal, Feng Yuanlin felt even better. This kid’s day had finally come.

He grinned happily and deliberately said, “Okay, Zhenbai, aren’t you hungry? I’ll give you half!”

Qi Zhenbai ignored Feng Yuanlin’s words and stared intently at the woman in front of him. Chi Shuyan didn’t want to pay attention to the man; in the face of Brother Feng’s occasional teasing, such as urging her to hurry up and share with Zhenbai, or to just feed him, she pretended not to see and didn’t laugh along.

Chi Shuyan stopped eating. She knew that Brother Feng didn’t know that the two of them had really broken up, and was probably thinking that they were just having a small quarrel. Chi Shuyan didn’t say anything else and placed the lunch box in front of Qi Zhenbai. Because there were no extra chopsticks, Chi Shuyan could only give her own to him.

Qi Zhenbai thought that his wife’s heart had softened, so he immediately took the chopsticks and lunch box. His thin lips curled up into a soft smile, making his frosty face look very gentle and approachable. He was in a very good mood. He pursed his lips and was about to say something, when Chi Shuyan said to Brother Feng, “Brother Feng, I’m already full. I have other things to do, so I’ll leave first. If there’s any news about what happened before, I’ll contact you immediately!”

With that, she got up and left.

As soon as Chi Shuyan left, the man’s face changed drastically. He suddenly flipped the lunch box over, and it clattered onto the floor.

Feng Yuanlin jumped in fright.

Chi Shuyan didn’t care as she left.

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