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Red Packet Server

Red Packet Server

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Author: Zhi Xin, 知新

Genres: Romance, School Life, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Harem, Martial Arts, Slice of Life, Xianxia

Source: volarenovels

Status: Ongoing


On a certain day, Ye Zichen was dragged into a deities’ chat group. These deities liked to brag, and also liked to send red packets.

Ever since then, Ye Zichen’s life has had unbelievable changes.

The God of Fortune sent a red packet. I’m going snatch it! Wow, I got a large gold ingot

Taibai Jinxing sent a red packet, I’m going to snatch it as well! Wow, I got a thousand years of cultivation.

Super WeChat Red Envelope Group, with a swipe of my hands, I got them red packets.

Stop messing around, I’m going to snatch red envelopes now!

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