Journey To Become A True God


Chapter 1343 - Tu Bei Is Looking For The Golden Flag

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Chapter 1343 - Tu Bei Is Looking For The Golden Flag

"Who are you?" Everyone started to wonder who Ye Chen was, they were all curious when they saw Ye Chen's figure in front of them.

"I am the one who will stop you." Ye Chen told everyone that he was the one who would stop everyone.

" ha ha ha . . "Everyone in the group laughed when they heard what Ye Chen said, what Ye Chen said was ridiculous and unreasonable.

They felt funny with what Ye Chen had just said, Ye Chen was alone, how he alone could beat everyone in the group, it was an impossible thing to do.

"Are you kidding me?." before this person could finish the words he had, this person was already hit by Ye Chen.

The group mates were dumbfounded when they saw their leader being hit by Ye Chen, Ye Chen's moves were extremely fast, they were all barely aware of Ye Chen's movement speed.

"I'm a little lazy when it comes to hearing the ramblings you all have, let's end this so that this place becomes clean" Ye Chen was a little fed up with people like them, Ye Chen was currently eager to end this.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d, we will all kill you" people started to take out their weapons, they all immediately slashed at Ye Chen's body with the weapons they had.

"Slashes. . . "Several sharp weapons directly hit Ye Chen, they all hit Ye Chen's body right.

" succeed . . , it's so easy" people looked very happy when they saw everything was done, they all looked very satisfied when they saw everything finished quickly.

"Is this all you can do?" Ye Chen suddenly let out a voice, he said to everyone who attacked him.

Everyone who attacked Ye Chen was shocked when they saw Ye Chen was unharmed when he received the attacks of the sharp weapons they had.

Ye Chen had very strong physical strength, so an attack like this wouldn't be able to injure Ye Chen's body, an attack like this was still too weak compared to Ye Chen's strength.

Ye Chen had trained his physical strength very strictly, so now Ye Chen was enjoying the results of his training.

Ye Chen waved his hand, the moment Ye Chen waved his hand, a very strong wind immediately blew away all the enemies.

All the enemies flew in all directions, they all suffered injuries from Ye Chen's attack.

"Friend, that's great" Jeng Bimle came over to Ye Chen, he praised Ye Chen for his great strength.

"No need for small talk, how did you come to be in this place?" Ye Chen asked Jeng Bimle, why would Jeng Bimle be in a place like this.

"I happened to be pa.s.sing by this place, when I was pa.s.sing by I saw someone who was being bullied, so I had no choice but to go and help him, not to think the situation would turn out like that when I came and helped them" Jeng Bimle sighed, he had good intentions, unfortunately, Jeng Bimle's good intentions were misused by his enemies.

"This place is very dangerous, so you can't easily trust the enemy" Ye Chen warned Jeng Bimle not to trust everyone, in this place many enemies are hiding and ready to pounce on them.

"I understand" Jeng Bimle nodded, he understood the warning Ye Chen had given him.

"Ye Chen, how about we make a group." Jeng Bimle wanted to form a group with Ye Chen.

"That's fine." Ye Chen didn't mind this, he didn't mind forming a group with Jeng Bimle.

"That's great, then let's go." Jeng Bimle looked very happy when he heard this, Jeng Bimle immediately took Ye Chen to look for a flag.

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"Before leaving, you better take the flags from those people." Ye Chen told Jeng Bimle to take the flags that belonged to the people that Ye Chen had just crippled.

Plus there were several people with great power in this group, for example, Tu Bei, Yu Nan, and Mao Renqi, these were the strongest partic.i.p.ants on the power ranking list.

"There is Yu Nan in this place" Jeng Bimle was immediately excited when he saw the existence of Yu Nan in this place, this man looked very happy when he saw his idol in this place.

Jeng Bimle was an admirer of Yu Nan, so it was not surprising that he would be extremely excited when he met Yu Nan.

"What are they doing, why are they getting together and making such a big group?" Ye Chen started to think about what Tu Bei, Yu Nan, and Mao Renqi were about to do, why did the three of them make such a huge group, right? they are planning something.

"Everyone, thanks to all of you for coming to this place, this time we will be hunting for a rare gold flag." Tu Bei told everyone in this place that they were going to hunt all the rare gold flags.

Tu Bei's goal of gathering this many people was to obtain a gold flag, the golden flag itself was very rare, there were only four of them in the entire region.

So it was an extremely valuable item, as long as Tu Bei was able to obtain the gold flag, then Tu Bei's reputation would increase tremendously.

So Tu Bei gathered everyone to help him get the gold flag.

Tu Bei knew that if he couldn't obtain the golden flag alone, it would be very difficult considering that the guardian of the flag was a high-rank Magical Beast.

If Tu Bei forward alone, it can be sure that would Tu Bei be directly killed on the spot.

"What will you give me if we all help" Yu Nan directly asked about the rewards given by Tu Bei to them all.

Without a reward, they couldn't possibly help Tu Bei.

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