Transmigration: I Became The Daughter Of A Family Of Villains

Zhou Zhou An

Chapter 326 - She's Like a Pearl In a Mundane World

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Chapter 326: She’s Like a Pearl In a Mundane World

Rumors of Third Brother’s so-called pandering to foreign practices naturally self-destructed!

Liu Yumin’s mother was very pleased. She finally, finally was able to do something for them. It was great!

Lu An’s fans were also overjoyed.

Those online haters had bitter looks on their faces. They had been slapped in the face until they doubted their lives!

In their anger, they naturally blamed the person who had stepped out first —

[We already said not to say it, and you still said it. Are you crazy?]

The person also felt aggrieved —

[I might have said it myself, but I didn’t force you to say anything. You can’t control your own mouth, but you still blame me. You’re the one who’s crazy!]

Then, both sides started fighting.

Lu An’s fans watched coldly and just chuckled.

On the other side, Third Brother hadn’t been trending online for long.

How had he already been washed clean?

A certain third brother simply doubted life. He wasn’t as cool and unrestrained as No. 5, wasn’t as righteous as Second Brother, and definitely wasn’t as hot-blooded as No. 4. He hadn’t done anything yet. What was going on?

His reputation had been cleared?

It felt so boring!

A certain third brother inexplicably felt a little aggrieved. The crying monster reared its head, and he secretly tugged at his little sister. “Sob sob~”

“What are you doing?”

Lu An was confused. After all, her phone had been taken away, and she didn’t know what was going on outside. “I’m busy. Stop messing around.”

“Oh.” Okay, then.

A certain third brother sat obediently next to his little sister with an aggrieved and handsome face. He really didn’t feel good, and his head drooped as he drew circles on the ground.


In front of the live stream, Lu An’s fans were about to die of laughter.

[Isn’t he too cute?]

[How can he be so cute? I want to pet him~]

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[I can almost imagine what he’s trying to say. “Why are all of you so bad? Why didn’t you give me a chance to perform? Sob sob sob~“]

On the other side, after leaving Lu An’s studio, He Dandan went to look for Qi Yan.

She thought that as long as she completely broke ties with Lu An, and Qi Yan saw that He Dandan was loyal to her, Qi Yan would definitely accept her.

Unexpectedly, Qi Yan didn’t look at her at all. After what He Dandan did, she even despised her even more, and couldn’t be bothered to say anything to her.

He Dandan really felt aggrieved.

Her manager even scolded her fiercely, saying that she was stupid and only knew how to do bad things. She had already advanced to the next round, but she still did this!

He Dandan gritted her teeth and was so angry that tears welled up. She looked at Lu An’s name card, which was crumpled in her hand.

Could it be that she had no other choice?

No, she didn’t believe it!

She would definitely do her best so that they had to look at her!

At 7pm the next night, the live broadcast of Evaluating Actors China started again.

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