Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Qingqing Who Laughs

Chapter 1467 - You Are My Little Love Song (34)

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Chapter 1467: You Are My Little Love Song (34)

Qin Siting glanced at her. “Your place isn’t in this direction either. Why do you keep bumping into me?”

Shi Niange choked.

Right, the Shi family and her current villa were both on the right. She had specially waited for him under the tree in the middle of the road this morning.

“…How do you know which direction I live in?”

“Every day, when I go in and out of the school gates, I always see you getting in the car.”

“So you specially watched me get into the car? Have you seen which direction I went back to?” Shi Niange’s eyes lit up.

Qin Siting slowly answered: “I saw it once.”

Just once?

“You’ve already determined that I’m not in this direction…” Shi Niange chuckled meaningfully as she spoke. This time, he simply ignored her and walked in calmly.

For the next few days, Shi Niange simply waited for him under the tree in the middle of the road outside the school gate every day. Anyway, she said she was passing by, and he knew she was making things up. He didn’t expose her, so it was good for them to enter the school gate peacefully, hehe.

Hai City’s weather was nearing April. It was cold in spring and freezing in autumn. In spring, it was the peak period of the influenza. Many of the students in school had caught a cold and fell ill. However, because they were preparing for the college entrance examination, some people simply hung their bottles and went to school.

Shi Niange had always thought that her body’s resistance was very good, but in the end, she was unfortunately beaten down by the illness.

It wasn’t easy for her to get through another weekend without Qin Siting. On Monday morning, she was about to head to the big tree outside the school gates to wait for him, but she really couldn’t get out of bed. She was afraid of being late, so she called Uncle Qin. Uncle Qin wasn’t usually at the Shi family’s home. His home was nearby. He drove for five minutes and arrived at Li Shui Villa.

Shi Niange struggled to get up from the bed to wash up. Her head was dizzy and she could barely hold on. However, the teacher had said that she should not take leave if she could during the third year of high school. Since everyone had endured through it, she was not so delicate. At most, she would not attend morning exercises and physical education classes. She would just lie down in the classroom.

Uncle Qin saw that her expression was too ugly and asked her if she wanted to take a day off. She didn’t agree and packed up before getting into the car.

This place was only about ten minutes away from the school’s car. Uncle Qin handed her a thermos and asked her to drink more water. When Shi Niange received it, she deliberately avoided his hand. She was afraid that Uncle Qin would notice that she was having a fever. She had just woken up. Although she had a fever, it could not be seen on her face. He could only tell that she was slightly haggard.

She sat in the car with her eyes closed. When the car stopped outside the school gates, Uncle Qin turned back to look at her. He saw that her cheeks were slightly red, and she was sitting in the backseat dispiritedly. Her head was leaning against the window, and she was sound asleep.

Uncle Qin reached out and gently touched her forehead. He immediately furrowed his brows. “This child… she didn’t even say anything about her fever.”

Seeing that many students had already entered the school gates, Shi Niange came to school strangely early recently. Uncle Qin took a look at the time. There were still about twenty minutes before the morning self-study time. He quickly took out a clean towel from the spare box of the car and gently covered her with it. Seeing that she was slightly dazed from her high fever and did not wake up, he parked the car and went to the pharmacy to buy medicine.

However, Shi Niange woke up a few minutes after Uncle Qin got out of the car. When she opened her eyes, she was a little dazed. She raised her hand to touch her surroundings and wanted to sit up properly before getting out of the car. However, the moment her head left the car window and she moved her body, she felt as though there was a large pool of water spinning in her mind. She was dizzy and even felt like vomiting. She leaned back and closed her eyes, not daring to move.

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“Uncle Qin…”

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