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Chapter 407 - Mo Yuanxiu, You Must Be Dirty (4)

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Chapter 407 - Mo Yuanxiu, You Must Be Dirty (4)

Mo Yuanxiu was silent, his body almost tense.

Lu Manman was very drunk.

She finished one cup and poured another.

Mo Yuanxiu watched as she drank an entire bottle of red wine.

She even burped.

The redness on her face became even more obvious, like a ripe apple.

It was so red…

Mo Yuanxiu's throat moved slightly.

Lu Manman finished the last drop of wine in the tall gla.s.s and poured the red wine bottle in her left hand into it. After pouring for a long time, she still could not pour it out. She threw the red wine bottle to the ground in a fit of anger, making a violent sound of gla.s.s shattering.

Mo Yuanxiu's expression darkened as he looked at her.

She looked innocent as if she could not tell that she had done something wrong. She suddenly threw the wine gla.s.s in her hand away.

Mo Yuanxiu's expression turned even uglier.

That wine gla.s.s was an antique!

The priceless and even antique market was something unattainable. In the last century, the most famous master had personally designed the first batch of red wine There were only three of them. After this batch of red wine was designed, they became popular in the red wine market. They could be considered grandmaster's antiques, and their market value was immeasurable!

Mo Yuanxiu had yet to lose his temper.

Lu Manman suddenly jumped up from the bed and started to throw the blanket and pillow on the bed. After throwing them all on the ground, she started to jump around on the bed like a child jumping on a trampoline!

Mo Yuanxiu's face was already livid.

What was Lu Manman's true nature?!

After Lu Manman got drunk, she could not control herself.

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His heart was still aching for his gla.s.s of red wine that had shattered into pieces. He wanted to strangle this woman who was having so much fun.

She threw up for a long time.

Mo Yuanxiu did not know how long he had been enduring.

Lu Manman suddenly turned around. She wiped the vomit off the corner of her mouth and lay back on the bed. She closed her eyes and did not move.

The entire room was in a mess, but she did not feel guilty at all. She slept so naturally!

Mo Yuanxiu felt repressed and depressed. He walked into the bathroom with large strides and kept washing his body.

He even felt that Lu Manman was taking revenge on him.

She wanted to take revenge on him for letting him do that in the bathroom at the hotel!

He washed himself clean and came out wearing a white bathrobe. Lu Manman did not even change her posture. She was sleeping in the middle of the bed and had already started to snore. Where did she even have the image of a lady? How was this the so-called virtuous wife and mother of high society?!

She was clearly a female bandit!

Mo Yuanxiu fiercely picked up the clean blanket from the ground and placed it on her.

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