World’s Best Martial Artist

Eagle Eats The Chick, 老鹰吃小鸡

Chapter 439 [Part 1] - The Messy Crypt

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Ch.439 [Part 1] The Messy Crypt

“Master Jiao, are you sure you want me to stab you?”

Fang Ping held the short sword. The sword vibrated in his hand, light as air, giving Fang Ping the impression that he was holding nothing at all.

Divine weapons are really different from the rest.

The Jiao didn’t reply. Well actually the Jiao can’t talk, so of course it didn’t reply

The Jiao simply looked at the short sword. Many choice words ran through Fang Ping’s mind. The Jiao is really intent on making Old Huang into the black sheep.

But the main problem is: are the Jiao’s schemes useful?

Or is it just because Fang Ping has forgotten about a certain detail – maybe that’s why he doesn’t understand what the Jiao is trying to do?

Suddenly, Fang Ping stopped hesitating. He picked up the short sword and jabbed it at the Jiao.

This time, he didn’t put as much strength behind it. He was afraid that the Jiao would spook from the pain and swallow him whole,

But in the end….the short sword slipped on the Jiao’s hard scales. The Jiao’s golden armor didn’t even get scratched.

Dissatisfied, the Jiao slapped its claw down. Once again, Fang Ping sank into the ground.

“Hey! You’re the one who asked for it!”

Fang PIng gritted his teeth and forcefully stabbed the sword at the Jiao!


An explosive sound rang out. Fang Ping backed up a few steps from the force of the impact. The Jiao’s eyes betrayed a hint of ridicule, as if saying: you wanted to break through our defenses with just this?

T/N: here the Jiao is using the royal ‘we’/’us’ pronoun

Even when another human is holding the dumb tree’s weapon, it’s still not the same when the human’s strength is too weak.

The Jiao is laughing at him!

Fang Ping swore under his breath. Fine, you’re laughing at me? Fine. Then I won’t hold back anymore!

He stabbed it two more times. The Jiao didn’t even make a peep, which made Fang Ping even angrier.

A stream of Heaven and Earth power appeared on Fang Ping’s palm….before Fang Ping quickly extinguished it.

The anger has been getting to his head. Why the heck did he use Heaven and Earth power?

As expected, when he looked at the Jiao, he saw the glint of surprise in the Jiao’s eyes. Its giant mouth opened hungrily with the desire to devour.

“I knew it….I’m such a dumbass!”

Fang Ping’s head hurt with the knowledge that he fucked up.

“Screw it! Let’s just stab it a couple hundred times and then deal with my stupidity later!”

Once Fang Ping had convinced himself to overlook his mistake, an abundance of Heaven and Earth power rushed out once more, and Fang Ping began chopping at the Jiao!


The Jiao didn’t even bother to block. It let Fang Ping stab, slice, and chop as much as he liked, but….even with the Heaven and Earth power, all that Fang Ping managed to do was make a tiny, almost indiscernible hole in the Jiao’s hide. This time, the Jiao understood: apparently the chef is also a good-for-nothing. It was a mistake to depend on him.

In the next moment, the shortsword levitated.

Then, with a flash of gold, the shortsword pierced through the Jiao’s scales. Golden colored blood began to drip from the wound.

The Jiao’s eyes showed a hint of dismay, but it didn’t hesitate. The shortsword repeatedly injured the beast. Fang Ping even saw several golden bones being sliced!

“So vicious!”

Fang Ping was awestruck. Are these demon beasts really as dumb as the humans believed?

This Jiao’s intelligence is nothing to scoff at.

Fang Ping became more certain. The Jiao is definitely scheming something!

But why does the Jiao have to injure itself to such an extent? Who….no, what does it want to trick?

And why was the Jiao so fixated on using this particular sword? Whatever the Jiao is planning, it must have something to with this sword.

“Who did this divine sword belong to?”

One thought after the next rose in Fang Ping’s mind as he watched the Jiao mutilate itself.

This beast is crazy!

Not only did it slice clean through some of its golden bones, but it also broke some of its own internal organs! It even went as far as mutilating its giant, golden head.

Watching as the Jiao’s breathing became weaker and weaker, Fang Ping felt the stirring of impulse as he thought: this…if Old Huang came out now, would he be able to kill this Jiao?

Even though he’s lived through the few encounters that he’s had with the Jiao, but Fang Ping was still feeling spiteful from being used as a human kite. Naked.

Just as Fang Ping sank deep into thought, the Jiao stopped its movements.

Fang Ping immediately stopped the reckless line of thought. He stared at the shortsword, still levitating in midair. The Jiao couldn’t be thinking of taking the shortsword for itself, right?

The Jiao really did want to take the shortsword – it wanted the take the sword and Fang Ping both!

In the next moment, the Jiao leapt into the air, taking Fang Ping with it as it flew towards the Hedgehog Beast’s Ridge.

From afar, Huang Jing made an ‘I knew it’ expression. This time, he lost the gamble!

The Jiao really didn’t intend to trade Fang Ping for the short sword. It was all a ruse to trick Haung Jing into giving it the divine weapon.

A little while after the Jiao had left, Huang Jing got up from his hiding spot and followed the Jiao.


Hedgehog Beast’s Ridge.

Once Fang Ping dropped to the ground, the Jiao immediately let the sword loose. The seventh tiered denim beast’s body was pierced countless times.

The tunnel leading deep underground was also destroyed by the Jiao.

Just as Fang Ping was guessing at what the Jiao will do next, shortsword suddenly drifted to a stop in front of Fang Ping.

In the next moment, the Jiao’s spiritual energy weaved itself into an intricate map of a forest.

“Master, do you want me to go to your home and wait for you?”

The Jiao’s displayed an ‘of course’ expression. Next, a beam of spiritual energy enveloped Fang Ping, seeping deep into Fang Ping’s body.

Fang Ping’s expression changed and changed again. Bitch, what are you doing?

Very quickly, a piece of Fang Ping’s vitality was extracted, and the Jiao collected it into its golden horn.

This chef is a little bit useful!

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He could actually hide from the Jiao’s search ability!

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