Worlds’ Apocalypse Online

Yan Huo Cheng Cheng, 烟火成城

Chapter 1064 - The War Begins

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Chapter 1064: The War Begins

The phonograph returned into Card form and went back to Gu Qing Shan’s hand.

The Card then disappeared.

——this was Little Dusk’s Card that Gu Qing Shan only managed to draw during the [Duo Image] combat mode.

After Gu Qing Shan used it once, it would return to Little Dusk’s deck.

Boss narrowed his eyes, saying: “I had thought of it as a house dog, who knew it would turn out to be a wolf”

Ye Fei Li asked: “What now? We’ve only just planned to return to that point in time, but someone else is already prepared to ambush us”

Gu Qing Shan lowered his head and said nothing.

Zhang Ying Hao followed up: “In truth, that’s also good news, it’s much better than us running into a trap without knowing anything”

Laura worriedly glanced at Gu Qing Shan.

Only to see that he was gazing into the void of space, seemingly pondering on something.

Gu Qing Shan’s attention was actually focused on the War God UI.

“War God UI, are there any ways for Little Dusk to regain her power?” Gu Qing Shan asked.

Lines of glowing text appeared on the War God UI:

[There are only two methods for her to recover, the first is to use 10 Inner Plane Cards to instantly replenish her powers; the second is to wait for her to gradually accumulate power again, it will be a relatively long process, but there will be no danger]

After answering, Gu Qing Shan’s remaining Soul Points were deducted by 200.

Gu Qing Shan lightly nodded.

—–indeed, Inner Plane Cards.

I also need an Inner Plane Card to advance.

Little Dusk needs 10.

Where am I supposed to find Inner Plane Cards?

At this point, everyone was shocked.

A mystical fluctuation of a spell was sweeping through every world.

“This is the Soul Shrieker’s aura!” Laura was startled.

Boss calmly told her: “No need to worry, this technique was cast over the entire 900 million World Layers, most likely a Deity-level ability, but it would not be a killing technique”

A second later.

The Soul Shrieker’s voice resounded.

Its voice echoed across every nook, every cranny, every secluded corner of the 900 million World Layers.

『「 All carriers of [Chaos], I am the founder of this Era, the spear header of [Chaos], and your Deity 』」

「『 I require your power! 」』

『「 Come, contribute your strength to the growth of the Era, and you shall obtain immeasurable benefits! 』」

「『 The 30,000 strongest carriers of [Chaos], as you hear my call, you must respond to the summon and arrive at my side 」』

『「 The other Combatants of [Chaos], come, all of you. You shall witness the advent of this Era with me 』」

「『 The full descent of [Chaos] is only one final step away! 」』

『「 All of those who participate in this war shall receive ample rewards as feedback from [Chaos] 』」

「『 The final war will soon begin! 」』

『「 As your Deity, I shall be waiting for you right here 』」

The Soul Shrieker’s voice slowly faded away.

At the same time, various faint vortexes began to manifest in the void of space around them.

Boss reminded them: “Don’t enter them, those are portals that can warp you straight to the Soul Shrieker’s location”

Everyone was considerably shocked.

What huge efforts, performing a great divine miracle to converse with the entire 900 million World Layers and summon all the strongest carriers of [Chaos] towards it.

To deal with Gu Qing Shan alone, the Soul Shrieker had decided to start a war!

It was clearly summoning carriers of [Chaos] but wasn’t afraid that Gu Qing Shan would notice.

Because it fully believed that Gu Qing Shan wouldn’t know it was actually leading people to the past in order to ambush Gu Qing Shan at that point in time.

Zhang Ying Hao was relieved: “It’s fortunate that we knew about this beforehand thanks to Little Dusk”

Ye Fei Li sighed: “But it’s useless even if we know. It had summoned so many people, all of which are carriers of [Chaos] stronger than both you and I, while there are only so many of us here, there’s no way we would be able to deal with them”

Gu Qing Shan suddenly looked up and replied: “There is a solution”

“What solution?” everyone asked at the same time.

“We will also call upon the power of everyone. I won’t believe that all Combatants are willing to carry [Chaos], after all, the 900 million World Layers as a whole had endured being trampled by [Chaos] enough. The people who faced injustice will not be able to bear it, and there will always be Combatants willing to stand on the people’s side” Gu Qing Shan replied.

“But then… who will trust us?” Boss asked.

Laura chimed in: “There’s no need to worry about that. We can return to the Bramble Bird Kingdom and rally the 900 million World Layers from there”

She patted her chest in pride: “Our Bramble Bird Kingdom’s reputation is more than worthy of everyone’s trust”

Gu Qing Shan also became spirited: “That’s right, I can guarantee it; Barry and Kitty, my sect, the Combatants of Blade Edge Pledge, all of them would surely be willing to fight”

“No one can decide the future of the 900 million World Layers by themselves, this future is for everyone who are willing to fight for it”

“We need to call upon those who are like-minded to fight alongside us”

“I will bring everyone with me to the past, to fight the decisive battle against the Soul Shrieker and Demon Dragon!”

Boss calmly said: “If that can truly be done, we still have one other issue that needs to be resolved”

“What issue?” Gu Qing Shan asked.

Boss replied: “Our Angel of Condemnation had fallen into hibernation, unable to activate the power of the coins or bring us to the past”

Gu Qing Shan pulled his Card out and silently asked: “War God UI, can I replace Little Dusk?”

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The War God UI replied: [Thank you for 200 Soul Points. As you are the Envoy of Condemnation, you naturally have that potential]

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