World Defying Dan God

Ji Xiao Zei, Solitary Little Thief

Chapter 3820

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“Is there any nine hegemons here?” Shen Xiang flew into the air, all around being the same, then he flew fast on the Divine Mirror of Six Paths.

“We don’t know anything about Origin Creation God Territory!” Xiao Xianglin said: “There is definitely nothing like we imagined here!”

Shen Xiang thought that the Origin Creation God Territory was a very beautiful place, and I didn’t expect unexpectedly.

After flying a period of time over the Origin Creation God Territory, he saw many signs of fierce battles, and the earth was destroyed and devastated.

“It seems that after they came here, they are not at all stable! There are other overlords in addition to Golden Fire Overlord. They must always fight here.”

After Shen Xiang flew a period of time, he sensed other breaths.

“Is the battle here just happening?” Shen Xiang stopped.

“It should have happened in a recent period of time.” Xiao Xianglin said: “Then you have to be careful, maybe you are a hegemon-level person!”

Xiao Xianglin Just finished, there was a strong murderous aura approaching, Shen Xiang just reacted, and the body was hit by the violent lightning strength.

The attack came from a high altitude, and Shen Xiang was hit by this strength, and the sly squatting on the ground!

“It’s Creation Star Clan!” Shen Xiang was amazed. Before the tree boss and Shi Shu had already dealt with Creation Star Clan, but now it is here!

“How did they get here?”

Although Shen Xiang’s body was badly wounded, he was Indestructible and soon recovered.

“Come on!” Shen Xiang immediately avoided, and saw a Qi ball condensed with violent lighting strength slammed down and smashed the ground after hitting the ground.

Shen Xiang immediately released the clone, borrowed the strength of the clone, and then jumped up and rushed to the Star People who were hiding in the high clouds.

He just went up, the thick clouds above flashed, unexpectedly all are dense lightning net, he crashed into the lightning net, was poured into the body by powerful lightning. He snarled, and the strength of the Scarlet Dragon rushed out, forced the light of the light, and then blasted the clouds in the air.

“This Star people should not be the one we met before.” Xiao Xianglin said: “Very terrifying, you have to be careful!”

After the World Defying God Source, World Defying God Source is also strong and strong, and the Shin People who met Shen Xiang, his World Defying God Source is the strongest!

After Shen Xiang smashed the thick clouds, a whistling sound came, and I saw that the Heaven Heaven and Earth seemed to be filled with countless lightnings, and millions of miles were covered by lightning.

The violent lightning of various colors, like showers, the vast majority are rushing to Shen Xiang’s!

Shen Xiang took out the Divine Mirror of Six Paths and blocked all the lightning that came from him. He couldn’t grasp the trace of the Star people at this time.

“You came from Ancient Era! Can you come here, is it the master of the Origin Creation God Territory? It’s great, as long as I get the Origin Creation God Territory, I can leave here, haha…” Come and laugh.

“Who are you?” Shen Xiang desperately resists lightning, and this person is far more powerful than Golden Fire Overlord.

“Origin Creation God Territory is me, I am Origin Creation God Territory!” The person said while loudly laughing: “What overlord on this, just killed me all by myself, they have become a part of me!”

Origin Creation God Territory unexpectedly turned into a person? Shen Xiang is shocked! In other words, he is in this person’s body!

“Are you just transforming into human? How do you create a breath of Star Clan in your body?” Shen Xiang was thinking about a way, and he couldn’t see where the devil was.

“Creation Star Clan? They are proliferated by me!” The domain devil said with a sneer: “Origin Creation God Territory gave birth to Dao Creation God Lord, but they sealed me!”

“I have waited for so many years and finally waited for you to come!”

Shen Xiang couldn’t help but secretly. He thought that he would come here to kill Golden Fire Overlord. They didn’t expect to enter this guy’s trap. He guessed that Golden Fire Overlord could go to Ancient Era, and most of them were in the dark.

“Shen Xiang, use World Defying mantra!” Xiao Xianglin suddenly shouted: “I have put the stone in two layers of curse and soul stone. After you eat it, you know how to use it!”

Shen Xiang immediately took a curse soul stone from Xiao Xianglin. After eating it, the complex World Defying mantra message poured into his mind.

He doesn’t know how to use this World Defying mantra, but he just wants to use the World Defying mantra to push a powerful strength.

Countless lightnings turned into a series of electric snakes, crazy shocks, and Shen Xiang’s body suddenly shocked, gold red Qi mist.

The golden red Qi mist turns into a strip of Scarlet Dragon, and after it becomes a World Defying mantra, it turns into a black vortex, and the vortex all around has three killing Scarlet Dragon flying around!

The vortex erupted with a powerful devour force, and the violent lightning from all directions, all vortex absorbed devour!

“Heaven Refining Technique!” Shen Xiang immediately uses the alchemy strange technique, which has not been used for many years, to make the whirlpool crazy devour heaven and earth.

The domain devil is the Origin Creation God Territory. As long as all the devours here are refining, it is equivalent to killing the domain demon!

Shen Xiang stood under the whirlpool and was not affected, and the domain demon also found the threat of this vortex, the crazy bombardment, and the strength that can be played out is all devour!

As long as he attacks Shen Xiang, once the lightning is close, it will be vortexed to devour!

“I want to smelt you!” Shen Xiang screamed, condensing a giant Illusionary Brilliant Furnace, shrouded the huge black vortex over the sky, urging the Heaven Refining Technique to accelerate the devour world.

“How did you do it? This is impossible!” The domain magic can’t believe it, loud voice squats.

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I saw the broken earth constantly shaking, and a large amount of stone was suspended and rushed into the vortex among the Illusionary Brilliant Furnace.

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