Beastmaster of the Ages


Chapter 1138

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Chapter 1138 - Missing Qingyu

"In fact, if someone comes down to investigate, they might find me. But I can leave, or even go to Orderia, the battlefield of the superior races, to understand a world with a nova source!"

Having seen the stellunar source and looked up at the sun that shone with splendor, knowing it was a vast world with a surface ten thousand times the Divine Moon Realm, how could Tianming not yearn for it? He had reached Octasaint Sky and wanted to see if he could ascend the astralscape of order. After all, the Divine Moon Realm was merely a starworld in the lower levels of the cosmic aether, like a light above the Welkin plane. The real starworlds were located in the astralscape of order.

Over the past few days, Tianming controlled public discourse of the three races. At the same time, he kept Ye Lingfeng and Feiling under careful observation. There was no movement from Feiling after activating the Latticeheart Curse, but there was still a heartbeat within the petals. Feiling was still in the course of rebirth and needed some time; the process couldn’t be rushed. Meanwhile, Ye Lingfeng was still unconscious from taking damage to his soul.

In the dead of night, Tianming stood beside Xuanyuan Lake, accompanying Ye Lingfeng. Ying Huo and Lan Huang played happily while Xian Xian ate to its heart’s content. After wandering around the Abyssal Battlefield and devouring wildbeasts for several days and nights, Xian Xian’s spiritform was a little chubby. Meanwhile, Meow Meow slept like the dead, drooling all over itself. Having overcome yet another catastrophe, they could finally relax. Although the Soulfiend wanted to join in the fun, Ye Lingfeng’s state weighed heavily on its heart. It would return to Ye Lingfeng’s side from time to time, choked with tears, its sad face head on the foremost position, wracked with worry.

It wasn't until early this morning, when Ye Lingfeng's fingers shook a little, that the Soulfiend switched to its happy face and its six arms beating its chest frantically like a great ape, jumping for joy. Startled by its actions, Tianming quickly approached Ye Lingfeng. The black-haired young man sat up in shock, coughing violently as he trembled all over, his face pale.


His dark red eyes wandered and finally stopped on the face of the white-haired man in front of him.

"Do you think this is a dream after death?" Tianming laughed.

"If you’re asking me that then it isn’t...."

Taking a deep breath, Ye Lingfeng slowly rose to his feet, patted the Soulfiend’s thick paws, and looked around. Ying Huo and the others gathered around him, staring intently.

"Gosh, there’s a hole in his chest. Every time he eats, it’s all going to leak out. What a waste!" Xian Xian said with regret.

"Can I put my claw inside? I don’t think it’ll fit. The hole is too small." Lan Huang raised his huge dragon claw, eager to try.

"Brother Feng, how does it feel to be alive?" Jumping on top of his head, Ying Huo pecked at his forehead and said, "Look! Bet you didn’t see anyone this handsome in the xenomemory s.p.a.ce, did you?”

I’m… alive? Ye Lingfeng looked at them, felt the breeze, and looked up at the glaring sun. Squinting his eyes, he turned to Tianming.

"I'm saved." The words were simple, but they made him ecstatic. He knew Tianming must have gone in at the last moment.

"How’d you do it?" He stared blankly at Tianming because he knew he had been captured by the enormous purple eye.

“My parents helped at the end,” said Tianming.

"It must’ve been dangerous.”

"There were hundreds of thousands of xenofiends. I almost wet myself!" Tianming laughed.

“Me too!”

Ye Lingfeng finally revealed a smile.

"You don’t have to thank me, it was my pleasure. Now that you’ve made it, you must live at least ten million years to make it worth my while!" said Tianming.

"Of course. You saved my life. I wouldn't dare die without your permission.” Ye Lingfeng was old enough to crack a few jokes.

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“You said it, not me.”

"Whatever Qingyu encountered could be just as dangerous." Ye Lingfeng frowned.

"That serious? What makes you think that?" Tianming asked.

"First of all, I’ve seen the celestial orderians and they didn’t seem ecstatic at the discovery of a genius. They made me feel very uncomfortable. On the other hand, your G.o.dfather seems helpless. He needs your help with Qingyu." Ye Lingfeng looked up at the sun with a streak of scarlet in his dark red eyes.

"I think so too. If we want to fulfill G.o.dfather's requests and decipher the truth behind the ‘experiment’, we must head to Orderia!"

"I’m going with you." Ye Lingfeng nodded.

"Yes. After all, nova sources, better legacies, the battlefield of the superior races, and the vast world attract cultivators."

When Tianming had first arrived at the Divine Moon Realm, he’d set the sun as his goal. It was his ultimate dream, and today, he finally had a chance.

"Brother Tianming, are we seeking out the celestial orderians to look for Qingyu?" Ye Lingfeng asked.

"No, that's the last thing we can do. The first thing we’ll do is observe the situation on the sun. Hopefully, there’s forces capable of confronting celestial orderians. That’ll be beneficial to us. Know yourself and your enemy, and you won’t be defeated. Our biggest advantage right now is the element of surprise. No one knows us. So you must keep your skills to yourself," said Tianming. He was referring to abilities like being able to consume totems.

“I hear you.”

“Then let’s leave today.” There was no time like the present.


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