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Shopkeeper Fang, 饭掌柜

Chapter 547 - Stealing a Glance at Him

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Chapter 547: Stealing a Glance at Him

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“Don’t be sad. Try not be so impulsive in future. If you really cannot get over this, then accept his offer and look at his instead.”

Lu Zhaoyang teased the master of the house as she cooked.

“I’m not interested in his lower half body!”

“Haha, what are you talking about? I meant his chest.”

“…” Lin Yazhi was speechless. Sister Zhaoyang was no longer an innocent woman. What has the world become?

Just then, she noticed Huo Yunting entering the kitchen with little Xuxu.

Lin Yazhi’s eyes widened. Why, they look like father and son!

Suddenly, she felt like a giant light bulb!

“I’m going outside!” She promptly stepped outside the kitchen.

Huo Yunting looked at Lu Zhaoyang’s busy figure as a smile crept onto his face.

If this was his own house, he would be even happier.

“Are you making dinner early so that we can do our post-dinner ‘exercise’ sooner?” He leaned against the wall and said.

“Do you want the truth?” She asked while chopping some vegetables.

“If it’s not something I want, then no.”

“You’re smart but arrogant. The truth is, I want you to leave as soon as dinner is over.”

Lu Zhaoyang could not help but spoke her mind.

Tucked in Huo Yunting’s arms, Huo Xu could feel the man’s anger rising.

“Uncle, Yangyang can make very delicious meals. You have to eat more tonight!” The boy suddenly spoke up.


Even if he felt unhappy, he did not want to express it in front of the boy. Thus, he took Huo Xu with him and left the kitchen before he lost his temper.

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Lu Zhaoyang watched father and son interact and felt strangely comforted.


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