WARNING! Tsundere President

Shopkeeper Fang, 饭掌柜

Chapter 304 - She Must be having an Illusion!

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Chapter 304: 304, She Must be having an Illusion!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

She cleared up the desk a little and took the lunch box. In the corner of her eyes, she saw Xiang Jinxi was still in front of her, no indication that he would leave.

She looked up, feeling a little uncomfortable. “President…”

Xiang Jinxi’s cold gaze swept past her as he took a file from her desk and went to sit down on the sofa.

“Enjoy your dinner.”

She wanted to enjoy it. But wouldn’t he read the file in his own office instead? Why did he have to stay there instead?

She could not utter the words to ask him to leave. So she ate silently.

The office was quiet—so quiet that only her sounds of chewing, and the occasional flipping of the document were audible.

Halfway through her meal, the words of Huo Yunting somehow came to mind.

Leave off when you are eight-tenths full.

For the good of her stomach, Lu Zhaoyang stopped. She wiped her mouth with a paper towel, took out fifty yuan from her wallet, and walked up to Xiang Jinxi.

“Thanks for dinner.”

Xiang Jinxi had not really read the document; instead, he was wondering what her reaction would be.

But never had he thought that it would be this reaction.

Xiang Jinxi did not even look at the money. He put the document on the sofa and looked up. “Keep the money. You are my special assistant, and it is at the expense of the company.”

He then walked past Lu Zhaoyang and left, disappearing from her sight.

Lu Zhaoyang took back the banknotes and leaned over to pick up the documents. She still planned to continue her work.

Just then, Xiang Jinxi’s voice was heard outside her office. “I will start to doubt your ability if you continue to stay back here.”


Lu Zhaoyang looked up at the man standing at the door. He seemed to be holding something in his hand. So, did he come back to the office just to get something?

“I am not superwoman. And Ge Yu has more than its fair share of problems. President, we could talk if you have time.”

She knew that she should not stick her nose in where it did not belong, but there was something that she had to say.

Xiang Jinxi’s face was deadpan as he ordered, “Get off work immediately.”

Lu Zhaoyang was slightly stunned; this aura…

She looked at Xiang Jinxi’s face. Together with his tone of voice, it was all too familiar.

Lu Zhaoyang had been trying to recall for the past several days. She was dead sure that they did not know each other before.

Many people did look similar in this world; she must be having an illusion.

Since the boss has given the order, Lu Zhaoyang could only pack up quickly and walk into the elevator with Xiang Jinxi.

Once out of the building, she saw two expensive cars parked in front of the entrance. Just when she was about to take out her mobile phone to call a cab, Xiang Jinxi said calmly, “It is not safe to take a cab at this hour. My driver will send you home.”

He then climbed into the silver sports car and sped past Lu Zhaoyang.

The rear door of the other car had already swung open with the chauffeur standing by waiting for her respectfully.

Suddenly, there was a gust of cold wind. Lu Zhaoyang thought for a moment before getting in the car. But she still felt that she did not deserve this special treatment.

It was almost half past eleven when she reached home. She had not finished her work tonight; that meant it was going to be a busy Monday.

The next day, a call jolted Lu Zhaoyang out of her sleep.

She picked up the phone and rubbed her temples. “Who is it?”

“Hey, beauty. Where are you now?”

“You are…”

“You don’t remember me, Cheng, do you? You break my heart. I am in town, and your brother does not know about it. Come out to meet me!”

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