Waiting For You Online

Xi And Qing, 羲和清零

Chapter 99

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He Jin, “why wait for me? There’re still a couple of hours before I get off work.”

Qin Yu stopped responding. Instead, he took the coffee and sat down on a single sofa chair nearby. He took out a very thin laptop and a book from his bag. Then, he started to read and play with his laptop from time to time. He Jin didn’t know what he was doing…it seemed that he’s studying…

There were a few more customers. He Jin rushed back to take orders and stopped looking at Qin Yu. He Jin suddenly felt at ease and comforted with Qin Yu here. There must be a difference between being online friends than friends in reality anyway…

As for Qin Yu, after disguising for a while, he began to look up and secretly looked at He Jin. He saw him wearing a red uniform in the store. He was also wearing a black apron cloth, which was similar to the dress of a male servant. Qin Yu started to picture him that way…

He Jin was fully paying attention to his work, but K found out something was going on, he used his elbow to touch He Jin, smiled and asked, “hey, are you two that?”

He Jin felt confused, “…what?”

K thought that He Jin was pretending to be stupid and he squinted, “don’t pretend anymore. Just tell me the truth. Honestly, I am too.”


He Jin, “???” What is this all about?

K was suddenly jealous, “your boyfriend is really handsome.”

He Jin suddenly got it! It’s like his face was on fire and it was all blushed.

“No. He’s my classmate.” He Jin hurried to explain.

“No?” K didn’t believe him, and he opened his eyes wide, “he’s been looking for you all along, haven’t you noticed?”

He Jin, “…”

K saw how nervous He Jin was, and was sure that this guy was one of them. However, there’re still some differences among them – some are more willing to tell the truth, some are just like He Jin, who wouldn’t confess unless he completely trusts you.

Seeing someone like that, K couldn’t control teasing him more. He said again, “even if you aren’t a couple. I’m sure he likes you, and he wants to be with you.”

“…” After K said so, He Jin couldn’t help but look at Qin Yu, and discovered that he’s indeed looking at his direction, yet slightly frowning. The two’s gazes met, and He Jin was so scared that he quickly retrieved. He almost slipped the coffee mug.

K suddenly laughed, “see, he’s been looking at us talking, and he’s not happy. I’m sure he’s jealous.”

He Jin was so embarrassed that he didn’t know what to do anymore, “no…don’t say that…”

K took out a few sweet biscuits from the counter drawer and handed him a cup of lemon water, “tell him that the biscuits are from me.”

He Jin, “…”

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Because of K’s wild imagination, He Jin dared not look at Qin Yu directly. He tried to walk over there calmly, and he saw the book on his table “Three Days To Learn Solidworks”, and Qin Yu was paying attention to the 3D car model on his screen. He was indeed studying.


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