Waiting For You Online

Xi And Qing, 羲和清零

Chapter 76

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Only You

Not only He Jin, but Fire also won a prize – a “mysterious seed”, but this mysterious seed was not announced together with the “Guide On Having Babies”.

The two men looked at each other, and Fire was now having the same thought as the players on World Channel, he felt a bit excited, and was worried that He Jin would flinch if they didn’t act quickly. He urged He Jin, “let’s learn from the guide.”

He Jin’s hands couldn’t help but tremble, and he opened the guide, “…”

There was an alert from the system, “you’ve learned the skills of having babies!”


He Jin was completely confused…

Although He Jin had flipped through the guide, it was just a standard gesture of learning. In fact, he did not see anything, and he suddenly heard from the system that he’d learned it. Instantly, the guide disappeared, and nothing was left. He Jin still didn’t know what to do to “have babies”!

Wait! Why was he supposed to know what to do anyway?

At this time, Fire slightly smiled, as when He Jin was flipping through the book, he saw a sentence that said, “first, let the male plant the mysterious seed, and after the husband and wife sleep together, there will be a surprise after seven days.”

He Jin peeked at Fire and saw that he had just eaten the mysterious seed…!

…Oh, is this seed for eating? Isn’t it for planting?

Then, Fire faced him, “go, let’s go home.”

He Jin became nervous, “go home? To do what?”

Fire murmured “transformation”, then turned He Jin into a ferret, without waiting for Poor Flames, he held him and flew to the Fairy World. The ferret was held tightly inside Fire’s arms, and he felt a bit regretful about having acknowledged the fact that Fire had broken the promise…

When they arrived home, Fire didn’t put down He Jin. Instead, he went straight to the second floor to the Husband and Wife room. He put He Jin on the red, king-sized bed, before turning him into a human…

When He Jin was a ferret, Fire couldn’t see him blushing. Now, he could see that He Jin’s face was all red. This was also his first time stepping into the husband and wife bedroom after their home was built. He had a thorough look and found out that the whole bedroom was decorated in a traditional Chinese style. There were a wooden Phoenix bed, a sharp red quilt, and a table with a bright red cloth. On the table, there were jujube, peanuts, logan, lotus seeds…the whole room was dark and red, the only source of light was from the two red candles on the table.

So, the game implied the couple to spend a romantic, intimate night under the dark redness?

Seeing that Fire was coming, He Jin tried to cover himself with a blanket, and he shouted, ‘wait…!’, he was panicking…did…did Fire really intend to spend a night with him and have babies together?

“Why wait?” Fire smirked, grabbed his shoulder and pressed him back onto the bed.

He Jin suddenly thought of something, “in the game, I’m still a minor. Does the game allow me to do this?”

Fire didn’t reply. He lied beside him and held He Jin tightly, “it’s only an image that you’ve chosen, but when you put on your helmet, didn’t the system detect your age already? They should base on that.”

He Jin struggled a bit while Fire was still holding him tightly, “but…but I’m a guy!”

Fire laughed, “so what? No one asked you to experience it for real. It’s just in the game. Don’t get nervous. It’ll be just for a few days.”

He Jin almost yelled, “a…a few days?”

Fire, “I don’t know either; it’s also my first time to have babies with someone in the game.”

He Jin’s face was burning when he heard that, and out of the blue, he asked, “what about in reality?”

Fire was a bit stunned and said, “do you care?”

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