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Xi And Qing, 羲和清零

Chapter 64

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064. Wedding News

Does it mean that the people surrounding Flower Yiyi are also friends of Nine Hall His Highness, Fire, and the gang? He Jin thought. But looking at the situation, it seemed unlikely. Because while the others didn’t seem to notice them standing there, the black and gold armored man was throwing a provocative smile their way.

The gate was the only entrance into the city, so the two teams were doomed to face each other. Seeing that group slowly approaching, He Jin thought that Flower Yiyi would greet them, but she did not. In addition to that, except for Nine Hall His Highness, no one in their team greeted Flower Yiyi either.

The atmosphere was quite awkward, even the clueless Hou Dongyan was aware of it. He secretly pulled Ah Jin aside and asked, “Who are they?”

The distracted He Jin did not answer, because at that time Flower Yiyi had just passed by him, throwing him a look that could only be described as “ferocious”, before looking at Fire with great grievances.

He Jin got goosebumps from receiving that hard, cold look. A moment later, a puzzled Wild Crane finally reacted, “Fuck me, is that person Flower Yiyi?”

Leisure Cloud: “You are so slow to react…”

Wild Crane: “What’s wrong with her?”

It seemed that the Cloud-Crane duo also didn’t pay much attention to gossip.

Nine Hall His Highness: “I also want to ask, why is she with ice cream? Ruthless, did you have a quarrel with her?”

Fire: “No.”

Wild Crane: “What’s going on? Why is she playing with someone else?”

All of them had confused expressions, He Jin was also feeling a bit puzzled: Is there a misunderstanding? The look thrown at him just then was so full of hatred, yet he didn’t recall having done something wrong to this sister…

He Jin looked at Fire. Seeing his face truly bare of any expression, he guessed that the man must know of something. Nine Hall His Highness appeared to have sent him a private message asking about Flower Yiyi, so he refrained from asking and only absent-mindedly wondered, “Yiyi is not going to play with us?”

Two seconds later, on the lower left corner of their line of sight, suddenly floated a little horn message–

[Horn] Copenhagen Dazs: “I will be holding a wedding celebration at eight o’clock in the evening with Flower Yiyi at Linyuan City. All my friends are welcome, non-friends can also participate,  no need to be polite!”

In Demon God, the little horn was above the existence of the world channel. Except for the information on the Official Bulletin Board, the little horn messages were the only other information that could be passively seen by all players. It didn’t need to be opened by the players and would actively jump out to hang in their line of sight for 10 seconds. However, using it needed RMB.

Seeing this news, not only those in He Jin’s team, the whole players in the game were stunned. The world channel was once again turned into a boiling state-

World Channel – ‘Dandelion’: “The annual drama is coming! Hahaha!”

World Channel – ‘Cool winter’: “Fuck me, Flower Yiyi has defected! Have the master and disciple completely broken forces??”

World Channel – ‘Xiushan’: “More and more wonderful, I’m looking forward to the battle in two months! Tear up everything! Get the eggs!”

World Channel – ‘Wire’: “That stupid Ice cream is picking up Ruthless’ broken shoe ah?”

World Channel – ‘Shadow’: “The wedding is at eight o’clock in the evening right. Let’s watch and make it lively!”

World Channel – ‘Tower of Delos’: “Team up and add me!”


Because of that horn message, He Jin who rarely checked the world channel now got to see these words said by the other players. He was dumbfounded, catching onto the two keywords–master and disciple’s broken forces, and Ruthless’s broken shoes.

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Damn… Now he understood the meaning behind the gazes Flower Yiyi had thrown towards him and Fire. Was there really something between Fire and Flower Yiyi before? Could his appearance be the cause of their destroyed feelings?

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Ten seconds later, the horn message disappeared, Haagen-Dazs then started another one; this went one for three times. After a while, Twig Fence finally made his late appearance. He was riding a blue unicorn beast, coming to a sudden stop in front of them: “Oops I’ve been looking for this place for quite a long time, I went to the wrong direction again and again…”


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