Waiting For You Online

Xi And Qing, 羲和清零

Chapter 5

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005. Flower Yiyi

He Jin looked carefully and realized that most characters on the top ten list are listed as ‘Heavenly Being’, except for Fire Ruthless, and one other, the 9th rank called Flower Yiyi, who was a level 95 Demon.

He turned around and asked Hou Dongyan behind him: “Monkey, I want to ask, what is the current level setting of Demon God? I remember the previous top level was titled as ‘Immortal’, what is it now?”

“It has changed a long time ago, now the most powerful are titled as Demon God and Divine God.” Hou Dongyan glanced at He Jin’s screen and said: “Don’t look at this chart ah, the game’s leaderboard only shows ranking based on level. If you want to see who is powerful, it is best to go to the official website, there is specific list for everything there … ”

Hearing this, He Jin immediately switched the screen to open his web browser, searched for “Demon God’s Leaderboards,” chose his and fire’s server, and clicked on it before taking a look. He was immediately shocked when he saw the dozen categories lists on the homepage –

〖Over All List〗: ① 「Fire Ruthless」

〖Personal Level List〗: ① 「Fire Ruthless」

〖Equipment rankings〗: ①「Fire Ruthless」

〖Gold wealth list〗: ①「Fire Ruthless」

〖PK record list〗: ①「Fire Ruthless」

[T/N: PK = Player Killing, a term used in games when one player killed another. The record is counted by the number of PK done in Arena, where you can fight other player 1 vs 1]


Fire Ruthless name occupied many number one positions on the lists, and in some others, even though he did not ranked as first place, he was also still in the top five. Only in three lists were his name not listed: one was the “Heavenly Being List”, another was “Demon God’s Spell List “, and the last “Demon God’s Spiritual Pet List ” (← What is this?)…

Looking at these lists, He Jin was completely floored.

Hou Dongyan said from behind him, “Now the game’s most powerful player seems to be someone called Ruthless-something. I have seen his PK video before, and really… these Gods ah, so amazing! ”

He Jin: “…..”

If you told Hou Dongyan, that right now he was talking to a guy who was just asked to ‘ride together’ by this Fire Ruthless, who was also his husband… how would he react?

( ~, ~) The corner of He Jin’s mouth twitched, he then quickly closed the page.

Meanwhile, Qin Yu took Xiao Xian-Jin and left the mountain path. On the road, his friend column began flashing. Qin Yu had planned to ignore it, but when saw that the sender was Flower Yiyi, he changed his mind and clicked lazily on it.

Flower Yiyi: “Master, are you in the world?” It seemed she also had seen the information in the world channel.

Fire Ruthless: “Yes.”

Flower Yiyi: “Why go there? Don’t you have live session today?”

Fire Ruthless: “My wife is here ^ ^”, Qin Yu was in a good mood, so he also added a smiley face at the end of the sentence.

Fall Yiyi: “……”

After Fire Ruthless became a God Level player, the pursuit of his female fans had not dismissed in the slightest. Although his personal status showed that he was “married”, but because his “wife” had never appeared before, no one really took it seriously. Everyone thought that it was just a disguise that Fire Rruthless did in order to avoid trouble.

Therefore, the pursuit of those unscrupulous people were still as much as autumn wheat: cut one and even more would grow.

Qin Yu had seen all kind of strange ways of pursuit before. There were some who changed their in-game name to “Ruthless Wife” or “Fire Ruthless の Love”, or anything of the likes. There were also those who sent a bunch of hundred-Yuan-worth roses to him. All day, he would always get confessions in the game, as well as PK Love Challenges .

However, there was a reason he was more known as “Ruthless” rather than”Fire” in the game: it was precisely because he had never accepted the pursuit of those female players.

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He was Ruthless and Heartless, just like his name.

Qin Yu also understood very well that people come and go in the game, and the enthusiasm of those girls would not last long. Not to mention, most of those suitors had too-large-difference of strength with him, so it was simply impossible for them to play together.

There was only one exception to this, and that person was Flower Yiyi.

About three years ago, Flower Yiyi appeared for the first time in front of Qin Yu. She wasn’t called as ‘Flower Yiyi’ then; she only started using this name after she reached level 50-ish.

Qin Yu remembered her because at that time, someone he often played with, Nine Hall His Highness, was always chasing after her.

The experts in ‘Demon God’ had a private chat group, almost allpeople on the the top 50 were  joined inside. One day, Nine Hall posted photos of a beautiful girl there, causing an uproar in the group: “Nine Hall, which beauty is this!”

Nine Hall His Highness: “Haha, beautiful right? This girl is playing in the game, called Yiyi. I just took her pictures from the forum. This Highness intends to chase her!”

In the game, even a slightly pretty girl would get good treatment from other players, let alone girls like Flower Yiyi who had such a beautiful look.

The strength of Nine Hall His Highness in the game was also the top on the list, and that, coupled with his usual popularity, smooth talking ability, and willingness to spend generous amount of money in the game, made him very popular among female players. So, this level-50 girl, all of them thought that she would be an easy win for NIne Hall.

The group of friends showed some support for him: “I pray for Nine Highness to bring back the flag of victory!”

Feeling confident, Nine Hall His Highness then started a crazy pursuit of Yiyi, which became a sensationalized matter in the game.

Unexpectedly, the result all of them were expecting did not happen – Yiyi actually rejected Nine Hall His Highness.

At the beginning, Nine Hall His Royal Highness thought that this girl refused him because she would likethem to get to know each other first. But later, she suddenly changed her name to “Flower Yiyi”, killing off all of his hopes with it.

He ran out to the group chat and scolded Qin Yu: “Ruthless, you go to hell!”

[T/N: 落花依依 also means ‘Falling Flower Yiyi’, explanation of her name can be found below this chapter.]

Qin Yu was confused: “What does that got to do with me?”

Dead Water on the side gloated: “Gee, it’s another girl who has ‘deliberately fallen on the Heartless’ stream ah!”

Dead Water was also a celebrity on the list.

Qin Yu irritatedly sent a sentence to him: “Water is you, right? I am a Fire.”

[T/N: 流水 can mean either water or stream]

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Nine Hall His Highness: “… the two of you, enough!”


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