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Xi And Qing, 羲和清零

Chapter 45

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45. Don’t Admit Defeat

The other man’s teasing tone also made He Jin a bit defensive: “Then how many do you think you’ll score?”

Qin Yu: “I think I’ll have to score at least the same as you before you have to treat me to dinner.”

He Jin laughed: “Your goal is high enough!”

Qin Yu glanced at him: “You think I can’t?”

He Jin: “It’s not that, I have only taught you about grammar, I don’t know your comprehensive level. But I think you shouldn’t put a set goal on exams, the greater you hope the greater your disappointment would be if you failed to achieve that goal. My score of 680 last year was merely good luck, I usually get around 650 in mock tests.”

Qin Yu was unconvinced: “Then what if I scored higher than you?”

If Qin Yu said he wanted to get 650, then the probability was still quite large. But if anyone could actually get 680 that easily, He Jin wouldn’t be asked to give lectures to some juniors a few days ago.

“Oh, if you can really score higher than me, then I will call you ‘gege’.” After so many years of being forced to study, the one thing He Jin felt most confident in was his test results. Not to mention, one month ago Qin Yu still said that he was bad at grammar, how much could he have improved in so little time?

Qin Yu: “Even if you call me gege, I’ll only feel cool the moment I hear it, but after that it won’t really matter.”

He Jin: “What do you want then? Treat you to eat? ”

Qin Yu sighed: “To tell you the truth, I’m not really sure I can get 680… But it’s not easy to admit, somehow it feels like I’m betraying my character…”

He Jin laughed, scoring in exams wasn’t like buying lottery tickets, there was no relying too much on luck there. This guy felt that his exam result “doesn’t seem good” yet he still dared to place a bet on it. This side of Qin Yu somehow seemed very cute to He Jin.

“I don’t need you to score higher than me, just 680 is fine. You can ask me anything if you get this score.” He Jin teased him.

A hint of smile flashed in Qin Yu’s eyes: “Anything?”

“As long as it’s not a crime, or you telling me to do something embarrassing like walking around the school naked.” There really were students in the university who secretly gambled with things like this as punishment. But, according to He Jin’s understanding of Qin Yu’s character, he felt sure that the other man would not ask such an excessive request from him. Then again, He Jin also did not believe that he would lose.

Qin Yu rubbed the back of his neck and pretended to be reluctant as he said: “I’ll need some amazing luck to score 680, you don’t cheat then!”

He Jin told him: “If you are afraid I won’t go through with it, then you can find me in my room.”

The corner of Qin Yu’s mouth hooked up into a smile. He raised his finger to point at He Jin and said arrogantly, “He Jin, you just wait.”

His confident move made He Jin feel something was amiss, he almost thought that the other man might really have the ability to score higher than him. But He Jin quickly attributed it as the young man trying to bluff- anyway he had done this kind of gambling since childhood, and had yet to lost even once!

The two men ran through the nearby lawn to return to the dormitory. When they embarked on the road, there was a sudden screaming sound coming from the distance. He Jin and Qin Yu turned their heads and saw several girls standing in fright under the streetlamp not far from them. Maybe they were students who went out to karaoke during weekend night and had only returned to the dormitory after midnight.

Those girls were probably startled when they saw two shadows in the dark lawn area, causing one of them to scream.

Qin Yu waved in their direction and said, “Don’t be afraid, we are humans, not ghosts.”

He Jin was amused by Qin Yu’s reaction. He bowed his head a bit, and put his palm to his lips to cover his laugh.

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The light of the street lamp diffused past, slightly highlighting the appearance of Qin Yu and He Jin. When the girls saw that the one talking to them was unexpectedly the school’s idol, they didn’t know whether to be surprised or happy.

Qin Yu smiled again and told them–“It’s already so late, be careful not to meet a real ghost on the way back to dormitory.” Then he placed his hand on the small of He Jin’s back and said to him, “Let’s go.”

The girls looked at Qin Yu’s hand on He Jin’s back and were dumbfounded…

After a long time, one of them finally said: “That person, isn’t he a junior?”

“Who is he?”

“It’s the guy who was carried in princess style by Qin Yu to the school hospital not too long ago…”

“……What are they doing at this late hour?”

“Maybe taking a walk…”

“Walking on the lawn?”

“And they are hurrying now…”

“…” (=_=)

“They’re not really…”


…… Ah ah ah ah ah ah …

Under the shower of the silver moonlight, in the depths of these girls’s hearts, a sudden sound of three-views being broken could be heard simultaneously.

On the other hand, He Jin merely felt that Qin Yu’s action was nothing more than a friendly pat, just something he did to indicate to him that they were leaving.

Back at the dormitory, He Jin took a look at the time and laughed: “I never thought that I would one day go back this late to the dormitory…” and he still wasn’t sleepy now, really incredible!

Qin Yu: “You never stayed up at night? ”

He Jin shook his head as they walked up the stairs: “I used to go to bed at 10 o’clock every day.”

Qin Yu: “Oh, but you are so late today, is it because of me?”

He Jin: “Hahaha, of course not!”

Qin Yu: “…”

It was his own decision. If He Jin himself didn’t want to try to change, he wouldn’t go out in the middle of the night even if the one calling him was his best friend.

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They said good night respectively on the third floor. He Jin washed his face before lying on his bed. It didn’t take long before tiredness claimed him, and he fell asleep soon after.


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