Waiting For You Online

Xi And Qing, 羲和清零

Chapter 32

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032. Interview Program

The time of Demon God’s hologram release was getting closer and nearer. The game company’s official news group had invited a few players on the top list to have a voice talk show, with the game’s promotional video released after.

Fire Ruthless was of course among the invited guests. In addition to him, the officials also invited the second ranked in First Server “Dead Water”; the Second Server’s first ranked “Copenhagen Dazs”; the Third Server’s first ranked “Human Faced Devil” and second ranked “A Thousand Sails”; and finally the recognized beauty and strong player in the whole game,”Flower Yiyi”.

This interview, He Jin also listened to it.

After the sweet voice of the interview’s hostess finished introductioning those well-known players, the screen was immediately almost completely covered by the audience’s comments… He Jin adjusted the number of comments to only show a total of five percent, then continued to listen.

The host went on to ask, “Ever since Demon God announced their intent to turn holographic, the game company has always been extremely secretive about the holographic details. In fact, this interview program, is also done because the officials want to further reveal the changes after the holographic version through the several Great Gods here. So Great Gods, do you have any questions and conjecture about Demon God’s holographic version?”

The first to talk was Dead Water: “I heard that later players over level 50 will be able to play together in Demon God’s realm? So all of us can meet in the game?”

Host: “Yes, later, the players above level 50 will enter a three-zone merged server.”

Copenhagen Dazs: “Wow! Then I have to try it!”

The man’s voice sounded very young, and it felt like an energetic youth.

Human Faced Devil: “Will the ranking list from the three servers be merged?”

Host: “Yes, at present the game officials have complied a comprehensive list of all the Great Gods in the game, the combined list will be based on this data to decide the overall rank.”

As the host said this, at the same time the video on the screen switched over to a picture of the official comprehensive list. Fire Ruthless was still high in first place, but instead of Dead Water, the second place was occupied by Copenhagen Dazs, with Human Faced Devil in third, followed by Dead Water and A Thousand Sails next.

The sound of A Thousand Sails’s voice was quite soft as he asked: “I am more curious about the holographic aspect, will our current character image change?”

Copenhagen Dazx also asked: “Yes, now there are so many players in the game playing as opposite genders of their real ones, what about them?”

The host smiled: “In the holographic version, along with keeping the prototype form of Spirit Pets, the game company will also offer a chance to all players to change their character image during their first landing using the helmet. You can still keep your original image, just take note that the helmet will adjust the facial features of the character according to the player’s expression in real life. So, even if a male player uses a female character, his appearance will stay as a girl in the game, he will not be forced to change it. However, the character’s expression will be associated with reality; if this person has a very wretched expression in reality, then in the game his character’s expression will also become very wretched.”

Copenhagen: “No way…”

On the screen, there were a few comments such as: “good change”; “hahaha”; “Suddenly want to change my character’s gender” …

On the other hand, He Jin let out a relieved sigh after hearing this explanation.

Fire Ruthless asked: “Players who play as Spiritual Pet will also be able to keep their prototype image?”

“Yes, they’ll keep their prototype image,” At that moment the video screen showed an image of a rabbit spiritual pet, the host continued, “take this rabbit prototype as an example, once the player goes into the game after wearing the helmet, their line of sight will be adjusted to the rabbit’s height and body size. Of course, just like people can’t see the back of their own head, the players also will not be able to see their own rabbit appearance, only their visual experience will be adjusted to those of a rabbit.”

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Hearing this, the crowd burst into an uproar, the screen was filled with a series of “No way”; “hahaha”; “mindblown ah”; “really want to play…”

He Jin was also stunned; does it mean, his visual experience later… will be like a ferret? (= _ =)

Fire Ruthless asked again: “In the holographic version, how will the players communicate? Does the text dialog function still exist?”

Host: “At present, the current voice function in Demon God will be continued to the holographic version, but instead of talking to the microphone, the player doesn’t need to speak to the helmet to talk. The helmet will directly read our brain waves, and translate what you want to say into a voice in the game world… This way, even if you play the game in some noisy places, you don’t have to be afraid that those noises will also be transmitted to the game; and with this function, players with a speaking disability will also be able to experience the feeling of speaking in the game. As for the text dialogue function, you can go to the game to find out.”

Comments: “Wow ah..”; “It’s cool!” ; “I’m going to book the helmet!!!”; “Well I’m looking forward to it ah Ah!”

Flower Yiyi asked: “Then, will the voice in the game still be our real voices?”

Host: “For players who want to play with their own voices, you can put on the helmet and adjust it at the initial settings, The helmet will prompt the player to read a few words to calibrate the accent and tone of your voice. But, if you don’t want to use your own voice, you can calibrate only the accent, and choose a different tone. For example, if a male player wants to play a girl character, he can adjust the voice’s tone of his character to a female’s tone. Along with that, there is also an option to change the voice to fit your prefered age… Do you want to change your image or your voice? ”

Copenhagen Dazs: “I think my voice and image are very good, I won’t change.”

Host: ” Copenhagen Dazs, does it mean that you are very confident in your real appearance?”

Copenhagen Dazs: “Of course.”

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The crowd began booing, the host changed the topic: “Beautiful Yiyi, today you rarely talk ah, then will you also use your real image to play? I think you’re going to be very popular!”


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