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Xi And Qing, 羲和清零

Chapter 154

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Qin Yang was shocked, he had no idea what he had done wrong to make He Jin angry again. He followed He Jin like a little girl, and when they reached the dormitory, He Jin went back to his room without a word. Qin Yang was a bit pissed off, he grabbed He Jin’s shoulders and asked, “what is it about?”

Qin Yang let go of his hand, moved his lips a bit, and wanted to tell Qin Yang, “I don’t want you to support me financially”, “I’m also a guy, I want to depend on myself”, but when he almost said so, He Jin suddenly felt weak. He Jin had already argued over money with Qin Yang for a few times, and he’s really sick of it now.

He Jin sighed, and he also found himself having overreacted. He lowered his head and apologized, “sorry, I’m not in a good mood. I want to be alone for some time.”

Qin Yang frowned. If He Jin scolded him, Qin Yang might as well explain himself and apologize. But now that he’s so cold and distant, what could he actually do?

“Okay, I will call you later then.” That’s the only thing he could do.

Afterwards, the two returned to their own rooms.

Qin Yang didn’t go to bed immediately. He lied on bed for a while, then he suddenly recalled He Jin having told him that he wanted to go skiing, so he started doing some research.

After some research, he realized that the snow was starting to melt in Snowtown at the end of March. They had to go there this weekend instead of waiting longer.

He also made a few calls to several travel agencies, and made a tentative itinerary. Then, he texted Hou Dongyan, “monkey, are the lessons on Thursday and Friday important?”

Hou Dongyan, “there is a professional class on Thursday morning, and there’re no classes in the afternoon. There will be tutorials on Friday. What about it?”

Qin Yang, “is it okay if those classes are skipped?”

Hou Dongyan, “it might be complicated to skip the lesson of Thursday, but it’s ok to skip those two of Friday. Many people skip them anyway, and the professors don’t really care…why?”

Qin Yang, “I’m planning to take He Jin to Xuexiang Snowtown for skiing, it might take three, four days.”

Hou Dongyan, “…” damn it!

Qin Yang, “in this case, I will take him away Thursday afternoon. He doesn’t know my plan yet, don’t tell him.”

Hou Dongyan thought to himself, what an expert! He knew exactly how to handle girls…boys! He turned and looked at He Jin who had absolutely no clue, and wasn’t sure whether to envy or to sympathize him.

On Wednesday night, when the two were having dinner, Qin Yang suddenly said, “remember to wear a down jacket tomorrow.”

It was already March, it was getting warmer. He Jin had taken away his down jacket a week ago. He didn’t get it, “is the temperature dropping tomorrow?”

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Qin Yang, “I’ll take you somewhere else tomorrow. It’ll be colder there.”


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