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Xi And Qing, 羲和清零

Chapter 151

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“Um…” Qin Yang hurriedly said, “don’t wear it yet, wait for me!” Afterwards, he rushed to open the door and ran downstairs, then bought a new pack of men’s underwear at the convenience store nearby.

He Jin dared not look at Qin Yang. After putting the underwear on, the two called a taxi and returned to University.

After almost three years in University, this was the first time that He Jin was late for school!

And the professor of that lesson happened to be a really strict one…when the lesson had started, he would close the back door, so anyone late could only enter at the front door.

What about skipping the lesson? It’s a bad idea! Before the lesson ended, the teacher would count everyone’s names again…and when He Jin entered the classroom, he got the attention of everybody!

It’s a new term, new course, a new teacher who hadn’t seen He Jin before…he looked at him coldly, as if he’s the worst student ever!

With this rule, anyone with a sense of embarrassment wouldn’t dare to be late on Monday morning.

With a bit of struggle, He Jin sat down next to Hou Dongyan, who showed his thumb, “brother, you’re amazing! You dared to be late in Professor Huang’s lesson, and you even missed half of it…”

He Jin, “…”

Hou Dongyan, “wait, that’s not the main point. The main point is you didn’t return last night! Where did you go?!”

He Jin felt that his head was aching, comparing to the coldness of his professor, he’s more worried of such kind of questions…what if he told Hou Dongyan that he’d spent the night with Qin Yang? What would he think?

Before the end of lecture, Professor Huang counted the names. And when he mentioned He Jin’s name, he looked at He Jin from top to bottom, then said, “He Jin, come with me.”

The whole class was shocked. And they were looking at He Jin following Professor Huang out. He Jin was the first person being called by Professor Huang because he’d been late!

He Jin also thought that Professor Huang wanted to scold him. Unexpectedly, when there were less students, Professor Huang suddenly aksed, “He Jin, I’ve heard about you from Ms. Li.”

Ms. Li was their professional counselor, He Jin was a bit lost, as he didn’t know what the Professor wanted to say.

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“In Hua University, the administration gives two quota for undergraduate students to be a researcher per year. Have you heard of it?” Professor Huang pushed his glasses and asked, “Ms. Li recommended you to me, do you know what being a researcher implies?”


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