Versatile Mage

Chapter 2477 - Ancient Sea Gods

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Chapter 2477: Ancient Sea G.o.ds

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

“I’m sorry to tell you that I also gave General Lu Nian the permission to conduct experiments on the Demon Element in the north,” Chief Hua told Mo Fan.

Mo Fan stared at the man in shock.

“Of course, I had already asked Lu Nian to stop the experiment after the Magic a.s.sociation banned it. I never thought he would set up a camp and continue experimenting on the Demon Element. He was so obsessed with the experiments it was like he had gone mad, treating human lives as nothing,” Chief Hua went on.

Mo Fan remained silent. There were a lot of things he did not understand about the man.

“I know everything you did in the Ancient Capital. I thought you would turn into a real demon, like the rest of the test subjects, but you managed to control it.”

“In other words, it was you who set me up?” Mo Fan protested, an edge to his voice.

“Didn’t I make up for it, too?” Chief Hua raised his brows.

“Fine, we shouldn’t discuss it now,” Mo Fan snapped.

General Lu Nian had almost killed them all, but Mo Fan had also obtained a unique power as a result. If he used it wisely, he would be able to take on the strongest creatures in the world.

“You saw what happened. Even though Forbidden Mages are like G.o.ds among humans, they are just puppets used by the ancient Emperors to stir up havoc. Humans are too weak, after all,” Chief Hua stared at the sea. The moonlight was reflected on his face.

“Indeed, the Forbidden Curse revised my understanding of the world,” Mo Fan had to agree.

How strong was the South Pole Emperor if it was responsible for the rise of the sea and the calamity they were in, not to mention having the ability to control a human Forbidden Mage?

“Shao Zheng asked you to look for the Totem Beasts. How is it going so far?” Chief Hua inquired.

“I’ve found a few of them, but I’m still far from learning their secrets,” Mo Fan admitted.

“Then tell me your understanding of the Totem Beasts,” Chief Hua said.

“The ancient Totem Beasts were once the first guardians of the human race in our homeland, but they gradually disappeared from our land after the Magic Civilization. I’m guessing the Magic a.s.sociation killed them in one of the eras,” Mo Fan said.

Chief Hua turned to Mo Fan with a surprised face. “Why would you think that? Isn’t the Magic a.s.sociation supreme and sacred?” Chief Hua asked him.

“I don’t have any evidence to prove it, but we can notice certain patterns through history. Humans obtained the power to fight demon creatures after the Awakening of Magic. On the other hand, the Totem Beasts were wors.h.i.+ped as G.o.ds. Most importantly, many ancient species are the descendants of the Totem Beasts.

“The Magic a.s.sociation has its current authoritative status and influence across the world because it has overthrown the Totem Beasts. In simpler words, humans used to wors.h.i.+p Totem Beasts, but they are now relying on themselves. The Totem Beasts might be powerful creatures that are friendly with humans, but to us, they are still demon creatures. In order to promote magic, it was necessary to overthrow the old G.o.ds.”

Mo Fan was sharing his speculation that humans were the ones who had killed the Totem Beasts.

The Parthenon Temple had also killed the Tyrant t.i.tans. The Tyrant t.i.tans were ancient G.o.ds, similar to the Totem Beasts. They were once close with humans, protecting humans and ruling over them.

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It was true that most Tyrant t.i.tans were savage. They had taken a lot of innocent lives, but there were kind Tyrant t.i.tans, too. The Parthenon Temple had tried to kill them all to establish its dynasty.

“During that time, we had just obtained our own power. The old Magic a.s.sociation was expelling and hunting the Totem Beasts,” Hua Zhanhong informed him.

“Did we have a tough battle with the Totem Beasts?” Mo Fan asked.

Hua Zhanhong shook his head and said, “The Totem Beasts weren’t fighting back fiercely, but lots of sea monsters resided along the coasts of our country. A kingdom referring to itself as the Sea G.o.ds invaded our lands and slaughtered our people. The human Mages suffered a huge blow and were almost wiped out during that time.”

Mo Fan’s face filled with astonishment.

The sea monsters had once launched a full-scale invasion at them, and almost taken out all the Mages?

If humans did not have Mages, most people would end up as slaves to the demon creatures, or livestock!

“We paid a huge price for our pride back then. We were fighting the Totem Beasts while fending off the sea monsters. We were attacked from the front and the rear, but… we survived,” Hua Zhanhong recalled the tough times of mankind.

“How did we make it?” Mo Fan asked, almost in disbelief.

“I had thought we made it because of magic. Perhaps we made a breakthrough in one of the Elements that allowed us to survive the dark times, but someone came to me and told me that the Mages only survived and did not end up as the demon creatures’ slaves because of the Totem Beasts!” Hua Zhanhong said.

The Totem Beasts? Weren’t humans fighting with the Totem Beasts?

Mo Fan was confused!

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