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White Jade Of Sunset Mountain, 夕山白石

Chapter 944 - Volume 9 – Chapter 160: Three Questions Leading To Despair (Part 1)

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Chapter 944 Volume 9 – Chapter 160: Three Questions Leading To Despair (Part 1)

It wasn’t until she met “Young Master Long” that Zixing was sure that what Lang Yong and Lang Wu said was true.

Young Master Long looked like a little human girl, but she exuded the dragon’s spiritual qi at the same time. Her dragon blood wasn’t tainted but had a pure dragon spiritual qi in it.

As the Greedy Wolf Clan Young Master, Zixing’s perception was much sharper than Lang Yong’s and Lang Wu’s. She didn’t quite believe Lang Yong’s argument that “Young Master Long” might be the True Dragon of Divine Land’s illegitimate child.

Compared to this speculation, Zixing had other things occupying her mind. In the ancient heritage of Greedy Wolf Clan, there was a record of Divine Land’s True Dragon. It was the result of a talent in the Greedy Wolf Clan who drew his sword to the True Dragon of Divine Land in the long history. Hence, the Greedy Wolf Clan had more knowledge about True Dragon of Divine Land than other demon beast clans through that incident.

The title ‘True Dragon of Divine Land’ didn’t directly refer to the dragon race. Hence, its difference from the ancient dragon clan should be acknowledged. To be more precise, True Dragon of Divine Land was the dragon vein at Divine Land.

A dragon vein that could suppress the fortune spanned thousands of years beneath the Divine Land. True Dragon of Divine Land was born from this dragon vein. They were selected as the carrier to roam the mortal’s world and be the guardian of the Divine Land.

Is this “Young Master Long” the next generation’s True Dragon?

If this is the case, is Master Long facing any problem now? ‘Young Master Long’ claims to be the successor of Master Long. From the spiritual qi’s point of view, I’m afraid she is much more robust than Mo Xiaofei.

When Zixing assessed Young Master Long, Young Master Long naturally did the same to Young Master Zixing from the Greedy Wolf Clan.

Long Xiruo had been through grand occasions. Even if all the great demon beast kings in the world came to her, she would still be unfazed. Hence, she wasn’t intimidated by the Greedy Wolf Clan Young Master at all.

It was just that Long Xiruo felt like her secret was seen through under the girl’s gaze. Long Xiruo said calmly, “So, you are the Greedy Wolf Clan’s Young Master Zixing.”

Zixing nodded. Before she figured out the Young Master Long’s identity, she planned to maintain as much respect as possible for the Divine Land’s good faith. “Lang Yong once said that Young Master Long is Master Long’s successor.”

“Successor?” Long Xiruo replied.

Long Xiruo had been thinking about explaining her existence before she found a way to retrieve her appearance. She gave a strict order to Mo Xiaofei not to reveal it. The only other person who knew it was Gui Qianyi. Old Tortoise understood the seriousness of the matter, so naturally, he wouldn’t speak about it.

During these times, she either appeared as Gui Qianyi’s disciple or as a “suspected descendant of Xuan Yuan Royal Family.” Although she managed to buy time with this, it would pose her problem if she had to face more demon beasts and even the country leader in the end.

Worse still, she didn’t know why she couldn’t recover despite the fact that a long time had passed.

The Divine Land’s True Dragon was in desperation. What could she do? Would she head back to the store and scold the profiteers (the club) again? What if they turn her into a baby girl?

“It turns out to be the True Dragon Saintess.” Zixing put on a stern face and greeted respectfully, “Greedy Wolf Zixing greets Your Majesty Dragon Saintess!”

If the True Dragon’s successor were a male, that would be the Dragon’s Son; if the successor were a female, she would be Saintess. This was a tradition passed down since ancient times.

“Let’s cut into the chase.” Long Xiruo didn’t bother to care about her current identity. It would be fine as long as she could bluff it. “I heard from your underlings that your group came out of the plateau and are heading to Mount Tai. An unknown person attacked you on the way to the altar with the Greedy Wolf Clan’s secret treasure snatched away. Then you were injured with your whereabouts unknown.”

“That was a shame.” Zixing sighed while admitting her defeat, “I underestimated the enemy and came into this situation. Sorry for the poor performance, Dragon Saintess.”

Long Xiruo shook her head, “Young Master Zixing inherits the Yin Greedy Wolf’s power and is also the priest for Greedy Wolf Clan. Your strength is on an equal level to the greater demon beast king. Although you are young, you’re accompanied by the Greedy Wolf Clan’s warriors. Yet, the opponent gets to leave in peace. The opponent should be formidable. Do you know the origin of the opponent?”

“I only know it’s a woman with white hair.” Zixing frowned and said, “She uses a weird blade. But it’s not like the magic tools the Divine Land’s cultivators crafted. This mysterious woman has an oriental face. Judging from her bone structure, she is young, most likely not over 30 years old.”

Long Xiruo lowered her head and pondered for a while, then said abruptly, “Do you remember the opponent’s face?”

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Zixing nodded, then took a glance at the office desk. She said directly, “Dragon Saintess, can I borrow a paper and pen?”

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