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White Jade Of Sunset Mountain, 夕山白石

Chapter 745 - Volume 9 – Chapter 108: Tools (Part 2)

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Chapter 745 Volume 9 – Chapter 108: Tools (Part 2)

The heroine did appear. It appeared that she had interacted with Miss Tsukihime Kondo? Or, in other words, Tsukihime Kondo…

Mo Xiaofei frowned, thinking quickly about various possibilities, and finally decided to take a gamble. He then took a deep breath and said, “Mo Xiaofei!”

Tsukihime Kondo didn’t show the slightest change in expression.

“Windchaser?” Mo Xiaofei tried again.

But, Tsukihime Kondo’s expression remained unfazed, but she frowned, “I don’t know what you said, but obviously, this is not an answer to my question.”

Tsukihime Kondo shook her head and waved her hand directly, “Bring him out first and monitor him. Don’t let him escape.”

The samurai nodded immediately and then hurriedly asked, “Miss Tsukihime, about the Nagato family. After all, this person was caught in the Nagato family. The Nagato family must be involved!”

“Don’t alert them first.” Tsukihime Kondo said calmly, “You and Hidari-jubei [1] will investigate around. Hand this peeper to Ashigaru [2]. I will carry on the interrogation later.”


Mo Xiaofei was carried away by the samurai of the Kondo family. He didn’t seem to be scared from the looks of it. Instead, he only appeared fatigued.

He was quickly taken to another room. The two Kondo’s Ashigaru kept him in close watch. However, the thought of fleeing was not in Mo Xiaofei’s mind. He just lay directly on the ground and closed his eyes.

Soon after, Mo Xiaofei heard the door opening sound and Tsukihime Kondo’s voice.

“You all head out first. I want to interrogate this captive myself.”

“But, Miss Tsukihime…”

“It’s fine. Tie him to the beam and render him immobile!”


When Tsukihime Kondo approached Mo Xiaofei, he was already tied with a rope, completely immobile.

Tsukihime Kondo looked around and suddenly asked in a low volume, “Movie theater?”

Mo Xiaofei was unwilling to talk to this domineering miss. However, after hearing this, he opened his mouth and was quite excited, “You… Who are you!?”

“Are you Brother Mo… or Windchaser?”

“I’m Mo Xiaofei!”

“Certainly!” Zixing sighed at this moment, then looked back at the paper door behind her. She then cautiously squatted down, untied the rope on Mo Xiaofei, and whispered again, “Brother Mo, forgive me. Although these Kondo family samurais are obedient to me, I suspected them acting as surveillance. If I suddenly recognize you, it will inevitably be weird. You and I are trapped in this weird world. We need to be careful about everything until we figure out the truth!”

“I wasn’t cautious enough…” Mo Xiaofei shook his head with a wry smile and then sighed heavily, “I thought I would never meet an acquaintance again in my life.”

Zixing nodded. She had thoroughly felt the horror of suddenly becoming another person and in a bizarre world. She comforted him, “At least, we met each other. It only takes place for a few days. Brother Mo, please don’t worry too much. We will find a solution.”

Mo Xiaofei looked startled, “A few days? Do you know how many days I have been here?”

Zixing asked subconsciously, “How many days?”

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Mo Xiaofei took a deep breath, “One year. I have been in this place for a whole year! Moreover, I have been stuck on the same day repeatedly. Do you know that?”

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