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Chapter 727 - The Church’s Thoughts

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Chapter 727: The Church’s Thoughts

Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

Inside the pope’s library in the Holy City…

 “The Rentato Music Festival was live streamed?” Looking at the red robe before him, Benedict III repeated the message that he reported. He was obviously puzzled why such trivia had also been delivered to him. If he had to deal with such insignificant matters in person, why would he need so many red robes?

 Sensing Benedict III’s apparent anger, the red robe sweated hard, regretting that he forgot the most critical remark. “Your Holiness, the live stream was not held in the town square like the case in the Aalto Music Festival, but it was held in all the four countries as well as part of the cities in the north coastline, which means that millions of people might’ve watched the music festival.”

 “Super remote image transmission… Was it conducted through the artificial planets?” Benedict III naturally knew that the live stream that the red robe mentioned was not the broadcast that only had sound. Knowing arcana rather well, he remembered artificial planets immediately. Only they could satisfy such a need right now, unless the Congress of Magic deployed sound and image transmission circles without caring about the cost like the Church did in the past.

 With his head lowered, the red robe said, “Yes. According to the night watchers, the Congress of Magic did use artificial planets as transfer stations.”

 The middle-rank sorcerer who set up the “curtain” illuminated the “artificial planets” during the final debugging and created a rather bizarre view. It was unavoidable with their strength. Therefore, it was easy for the night watchers to conclude that the live stream of the music festival couldn’t have been conducted without “artificial planets”.

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 Benedict III became solemn. He picked up the emergent intelligence and read it carefully.

 Worrying about the development of the Church, the red robe suggested boldly, “Your Holiness, although the magic circle for the live stream is not permanent or an alchemical item, it will certainly result in the vacillation of the believers in the four countries and the northern coastline. It is bad for our future attacks.”

Benedict III put down the report. His expression was as deep as an ocean. “The vacillation of the believers? The music festival was live-streamed in different cities simultaneously, with both sound and image, to both civilians and the nobles… This is of much greater significance than the pure shake of faith.”

 “I am too idiotic to understand the hint of the Lord.” The red robe shivered in fear. He was so desperate to win the pope’s appreciation that he opened his mouth when he shouldn’t.

 Benedict III nodded his head and continued, “Of course, for us, the greatest influence is truly the vacillation of believers. Sorcerers are corrupt people with extravagances and entertainment. The world is now full of filthy dirt. But that’s all the more reason why we should save every lamb who still has kindness in his heart.

 “This will be a difficult and dangerous path, and every cleric must be prepared to sacrifice. Are you ready?”

 Having been approved, the red robe was so excited that he drew a cross on his chest. “Only Truth lives forever!”

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 “Give my order. Summon the Grand Cardinals for an emergency meeting.” Benedict III sighed.

 Half an hour later, all the Grand Cardinals except for those who were on missions gathered in the Bright Hall.

 Before Benedict III brought out the platinum staff, they had already learned about the meeting from the red robe.

 “Your Holiness, artificial planets are highly dangerous. We have to destroy them completely,” Melmax, the captain of the Temple Knights, offered a suggestion straightforwardly. He did not know much about arcana as the Grand Cardinals did, but he could see the hazard of artificial planets even more clearly as an observer. They had given eyes and wings to the sorcerers from the sky!

 After the second artificial planet was launched, the Church had tried many ways of attack and counterattack. Their achievement was that two artificial planets were destroyed. However, after Lucien proposed the general theory of relativity, the Congress of Magic had been launching artificial planets every year, so such losses were affordable.

 Saint Maria was a brown-haired girl, but she was at least three hundred years old. She suggested in a soft voice, “For the Congress of Magic, creating and launching artificial planets is not very difficult. Even if we shoot down one of them, they will only launch more in a few years.

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 “Also, the Congress of Magic is almost on par with us except for the lack of demigod. Can we afford a total war right now? The heretics in the north and the evil creatures in the Dark Mountain Range are looking forward to our mistakes.”

 Astira, the Angel of Wind, continued, “The Congress of Magic couldn’t have neglected our reaction when they decided to live stream Lucien Evans’ ‘Valkyrie’, could they? This is perhaps another trap. They’re perhaps waiting for us to destroy the planets!”

 “Then, what do we do? Can you launch similar items and resist the sorcerers ‘artificial planets’ with our ‘Godly Eye’?” Beliel was dissatisfied with their complaints. They needed a viable suggestion!

 Philip, the newly-promoted Grand Cardinal, said, “It’s not our strong suit to directly create a similar item. However, we can try to capture an artificial planet. With enough time, we should be able to duplicate them. By then, with the grace of the Lord, the item we create will be more creative and destructive on the orbit than artificial planets!”

 The past experience had suggested that divine power was more convenient than magic, because “God” was ubiquitous, even on the orbit. The sorcerers had to use the help of magic circles to utilize the power of gravity or solar energy, which reduced the aggressiveness of artificial planets.

 That was why the Congress of Magic attached such importance to fission reactors and controllable fusion. If they could be minimized, the gap between magic and divine power in that regard would be no more.

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