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Chapter 664 - Stay For Dinner. Delicacies

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Chapter 664: Stay For Dinner. Delicacies

Yun Jian’s eyes twitched. She was greeted with a sight of beer bottles littering the floor. The thick foul smell of beer and the rancid odor from inside of the unit intertwined and produced a horrible stench.

There were only a handful of items in the house. It was a one-bedroom apartment with a small coffee table in the living room that looked like it was going to break at any time. Somewhere near the window lay a bed with a thin sheet on it. Anyone who slept there, especially during a winter like it was currently, would feel the cold wind that blew in through the thin cracks of the window at night. Other than four to five bowls and cutlery, as well as a worn-down stove, there was nothing else.

This was Duan Li’s home.

Yun Jian knew that Duan Li did not come from an affluent household from her first glance at her dressing, not that she would ever judge a person’s worth with money, but she did not expect Duan Li to come from such an impoverished family.

In fact, Duan Li was able to study in Wuning Yi Elementary School despite poverty because she was subsidized by the national aid for poor students. Her sister, Duan Ya, was a similar case. Without the country’s subsidy for poverty-stricken students, Duan Li’s family condition would never allow both of them in schools.

“Jiejie, Yun Zhu, my father isn’t home. Come in, I’ll get you some water,” Duan Li told Yun Jian and Yun Zhu after she pulled her six-year-old sister to sit at the bed by the living room window.

She then went to the kitchen to fetch Yun Jian and Yun Zhu a glass of water each, to which the latter accepted them.

After that, Duan Li collected the beer bottles strewn across the floor to place them by the corridor’s staircase so she could bring them down to the dumpster together with the trash later.

Not only did little Yun Zhu not frown at the environment here, but he was also chatting animatedly with Duan Li on the only stool in the house.

Duan Li’s younger sister, Duan Ya, did not say a word all along.

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Yun Jian was not one to complain about the condition of the place either as she sat on Duan Li and Duan Ya’s small bed upon Duan Li’s invitation.

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