The Queen of Everything

Gu Mu Shuang

Chapter 720 - Centipede

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Chapter 720: Centipede

“Tree Hall is under the jurisdiction of the Vice Alliance Master. Our Alliance Master doesn’t interfere. We don’t know their business.”

Perhaps this stalemate was meaningless. The man standing next to Greya had suddenly broke the silence.

He crossed his arms and raised his eyebrows at Su Cha. “We don’t know where he is.”

His meaning was obvious.

Greya’s legs were shaking. When she heard him opening his mouth, she swayed slightly. She looked unhappy, but she did not stop him.

Su Cha: “That’s interesting. As the Alliance Master, can’t you control the people in your own Alliance?”

Lady Seventeen suddenly felt that the aura of this master was even more oppressive.

She found it hard to breathe.

She felt that Dawn was simply unlucky. They had always been at odds with Tree Hall. Now that Tree Hall’s mess was on them, it was simply infuriating!

Seeing that her inquiry was fruitless, Su Cha said directly, “Can I say it directly? You won’t tell me who your Vice Alliance Master is, right?”

The man smiled meaningfully. “Will the Alliance Master tell us who the Vice Alliance Master of the Star Alliance is?”

This was indeed a secret.

Just like how the Killing Alliance did not know about the Vice Alliance Master of the Star Alliance, the Star Alliance naturally did not know about the Vice Alliance Master of the Killing Alliance.

Obviously, Su Cha could not say anything to exchange information.

Stating it meant that Tan Yeluo’s safety would not be guaranteed.

She stood up and straightened her body. Although she was shorter than the man, her aura was not weak. “In that case, there’s nothing else to say. Let’s meet again if there’s a chance.”

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With that said, she turned around and left with Fu Mo.

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