The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise

Unfinished Circle

Chapter 375: Class 21 Obtained The Book Too

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Chapter 375: Class 21 Obtained The Book Too

Song Fang pulled Zhou Zihuai to Class 1. Then, they heard someone shouting, “Wow, you really did it, Chenxi! You’re so awesome!”

“That’s right, Chenxi! Not only did you help us get a copy of ‘Red Sun’ but you also got one copy of Phantom Light for us. Oh, look, all of them have been personally autographed by Pure Feather!”

“Thank you so much, Chenxi. If it were not for you, we wouldn’t have the chance to read the book!”

There were students from other classes in addition to the students of Class 1. All of them were expressing their gratitude to Mu Chenxi. Each of them had a smile on their face as they held two books in their arms.

As for Mu Chenxi, she raised her head up triumphantly.

This was something she had expected. She knew Pure Feather was not an idiot, and there was no way she would terminate the cooperation with her family.

Putting on a smile, she said, “Don’t mention it. You’re all my friends, and we should help each other!”

“Chenxi, you’re so nice! I promise you I will bring my whole family to watch the movie when it gets released!”

“There is no autograph on Phantom Light, but it’s fine as long as Master Pure Feather has autographed ‘Red Sun’. By the way, I heard that Master Pure Feather submitted her work to the International Writers’ Association competition the other day and won a gold medal!”

“Oh yeah, Chenxi, didn’t Pure Feather also go to the Angel Foundation event held by your family? Did you manage to see her? What does she look like? Is she pretty?”

Pure Feather never disclosed her information. Nobody knew anything about her other than her gender.

Mu Chenxi shook her head.

Master Pure Feather had blacklisted her on Weibo. She could not even chat with her, let alone see her.

However, since the Fu Corporation had sent the books over to their school in the end, she surmised that the entire incident could still be mediated in some way. After all, no one would say no to money, and it was impossible that Pure Feather would not cooperate with them.

Song Fang and Zhou Zihuai stood at the stairs and listened for a while.

Song Fang clearly remembered Fu Zhi saying that Pure Feather would not help the Mu Family. Had something gone wrong?

He frowned and looked at a student beside him.

The book in the student’s arms was the same as his. In other words, what they had was a pirated copy.

‘Could Mu Chenxi have found a channel to buy the book?’

Song Fang felt a little frustrated. He waved at Zhou Zihuai and said, “Let’s go back to our classroom. We still have to let everyone know that they are getting the book as well.”

Zhou Zihuai nodded, and both of them walked back to their classroom.

As expected, unlike the lively atmosphere downstairs, the atmosphere in Class 21 was filled with dejection and sadness.

They were so disappointed that they did not even greet Song Fang when he walked into the classroom, keeping their heads low and looking crestfallen.

Well, they could not be faulted. They had turned the entire city upside down, yet they had only managed to get one copy in their hands, while Mu Chenxi could easily get boxes after boxes of books.

The world was not fair!

Song Fang clicked his tongue and went back to his seat.

Very soon, someone noticed the book in Song Fang’s hand and exclaimed.

“Brother Fang, where did you get the book?”

“Did you get it from the girls in the other class? You’re awesome!”

“Can you please get one or two for us? If you can do it, I will call you dad for the rest of my student life!”

As if a bell had woken up the world, the rest of the students recovered from their dejected state as they all gathered up around Song Fang and Zhou Zihuai’s desks.

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One of the students stretched his arm to touch the book, but before his finger could reach the book, Song Fang swatted him away. “Get lost, get lost. This is not something that you can touch. Besides, I didn’t get it from the other girls. This book was given to me by Pure Feather herself. It has nothing to do with Mu Chenxi.”

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