The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism


Chapter 1171 - I Feel Like I’m Cheating

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Chapter 1171: I Feel Like I’m Cheating

Translator: CKtalon  Editor: CKtalon

The boy’s name was Ding Mu.

 “Ding Mu? That’s a nice name, just second to This Penniless Monk’s name. Hehe.” Fangzheng smiled shamelessly as he took out his identity card. He realized that there was a piece of paper on the back of his identity card!

 When Fangzheng looked at it, he instantly broke out in a cold sweat.

 It was a picture of Ding Mu and a girl! In the photo, the girl was leaning into Ding Mu’s embrace, smiling brilliantly. In the picture, Ding Mu was tightly hugging the girl as he laughed foolishly.

 On the back of the photo were two names, and in the middle was a huge heart. Ding Mu’s name was on the left, and on the right was written “Tian Xin.”

 However, at that moment, Fangzheng couldn’t laugh. He wanted to cry! This… The plot was a little too stimulating.

 “System, is this revenge? This is clearly revenge! Are you trying to use lightning to strike me to death?” Fangzheng shouted inwardly.

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 The System said, “It would be quite troublesome if I really wanted to kill you. Besides, this mission was given to you by the Formless Door, not by me. It’s randomly selected, so what has it got to do with me?”

 Fangzheng said, “But what about this girlfriend? If This Penniless Monk replaces Ding Mu, must he also hug his girlfriend?”

 “Sure,” the System answered matter-of-factly.

 Fangzheng was taken aback as he felt a little surprised and excited. He asked in the kind of excitement one might have before committing a small crime, “Really?”

 “Of course!”

 Fangzheng felt his blood pump faster, but he knew the System’s style very well. It was normal for it to take long pauses! Therefore, Fangzheng still asked, “Are you still inhaling?”

 The System said matter-of-factly, “Of course!”

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 Fangzheng: “…”

 The System continued. “Just like you can freely hug her, I can freely strike you with lightning.”

 Fangzheng thought to himself, “Pfft! What a scam!”

 At the same time, Fangzheng asked the System, “Then what if the girl throws herself at me?”

 The System said, “This is the difficult part of the mission. You can’t violate the rules, but you still have to complete the mission.”

 “What about the reward? Will it double if I do?” asked Fangzheng.

 The System said, “Of course!”

 “Really?” Although it was difficult, if the rewards were doubled, it was worth giving it a try! Fangzheng was a little excited again.

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 However, the System said after a long pause, “Of course not!”


 Since the System was so unreliable, Fangzheng did not count on it anymore. He began to think about how he could resolve the problem if something happened to him.

 Just as Fangzheng was thinking, he saw a girl slowly walking over with a small bag in hand. The girl was wearing a mask, so he had no idea who she was.

 However, there was someone behind the girl who stood out. This person looked suspicious and fishy as he stole surreptitious glances at the bag in the girl’s hand while following her.

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 In front of the girl was a stray dog who was sprawled on the ground with its tail flicking about. It had a steamed bun in its mouth, and it ate it while happily basking in the sun.


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