The Lord’s Empire

Shen Tianyi, 神天衣

Chapter 1404 - Black and White Impermanences

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Chapter 1404: Black and White Impermanences

Translator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus Tales

After releasing the five women, the cold-looking woman tried to run because she was afraid of Zhao Fu violating her. However, before she was able to run very far, she was caught by Hei Xiaojie. After being slapped a few times, she became more docile.

Zhao Fu looked at the women in front of him and had them take off their clothes. The women had tears in their eyes as they complied, revealing their white bodies. The quiet and gentle woman directly leapt into Zhao Fu’s arms and called out affectionately, “Husband!”

“Ahh!” A pitiful cry sounded out as Zhao Fu casually swept out with his hand, and a sword light flew out, cutting the white-clothed man’s eyes. The immense pain caused him to howl.

The teary women hurriedly leapt into Zhao Fu’s embrace, not daring to resist, and Zhao Fu started to do it with them.

The white-clothed man’s eyes had been destroyed, making it so that he could not see anything, but he could still hear. Under Zhao Fu’s bodies, the women soon became quite lustful and passionately responded.

The white-clothed man felt immense pain in his eyes and also immense fury in his heart. If he could leave alive, he would do anything to take revenge on Zhao Fu and make him suffer so much pain that he wanted to die.

“Husband, I want more!” The cold-looking woman had never thought that Zhao Fu would give her such immense pleasure, and she spoke as she hugged him.

The Black and White Impermanences and Gui Ji had been watching from the side, but they could not resist joining in in the end.

Hearing the three women he wanted crying out lewdly under Zhao Fu’s body, the white-clothed man was quite startled and decided that he would definitely play with their bodies in the future.

A few hours later, Zhao Fu put on his clothes and came to the white-clothed man’s side. The white-clothed man had long since stopped crying out, and sensing Zhao Fu walk to his side, he held back the fury within him.

This was because Zhao Fu had just violated his women and they had all cried out lewdly under him. Even though he was the one who had told them to go and serve Zhao Fu, he had committed this enmity to memory. Not only would he make Zhao Fu suffer a horrible death, but it would also be the same for those sluts.

However, right now he could only fake a smile as he said, “How were my women, sir? Did you feel good? I still have some women in my palace who I didn’t bring. If you want them, I can give them all to you as long as you spare me.”

Zhao Fu smiled as he replied, “Your women indeed tasted good, but it’s impossible for me to spare you, as the potential for trouble is too great. If you were an ordinary person, I would spare your life, but you’re the Prince of a Royal Kingdom.”

The cold-looking woman came up and hugged Zhao Fu as she said, “Husband, you definitely can’t let him off. If he returns to the palace, we’ll be doomed.”

The other women came up and advised Zhao Fu to kill the white-clothed man as well. It was the gentle and quiet woman, who had been the lewdest, who said that he could consider just destroying his power and have him see if he could survive by himself here.

As someone who had stayed by the white-clothed man’s side, they understood his personality well. They had done it with someone else in front of him; if he made it back, they would definitely be skinned alive and go through unimaginable pain.

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Hearing those words, the white-clothed man furiously cursed at Zhao Fu and the women. He understood that Zhao Fu would not spare him, so he no longer endured the flames of fury within him.


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