The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Mu Jiujiu, 慕酒酒

Chapter 1011 - Jiang Xuecheng’s Surprise

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Chapter 1011: Jiang Xuecheng’s Surprise

Hearing the Guard’s hurried report, Jiang Xuecheng’s expression froze.

His gaze focused on Su Wan’s face, and he immediately stuffed the fairy tale book back into Su Wan’s hands.

“Wan Wan, you stay here and play with Nono. I’ll go over first.”

The high priest actually made a move?!

Su Wan knew that during this period of time, Ming Ye had been fed well by the high priest. Even after the high priest had gotten her hand on Ming Ye, she had not personally met Ming Ye.

Su Wan was shocked when she heard that. Before she could recover from her shock, Jiang Xuecheng had already left with the guard in a hurry.


She had not said that she wanted to go too!

Should he just leave her like this?

Su Wan cursed in her heart. She had just stood up and thought for a while before she finally sat back down on the rattan chair in silence.

Su Wan also understood that even if she went, she would not be of much help.

It was better to stay here and not cause any more trouble.

Hence, Su Wan took the fairy tale book and continued to tell Nono the story of the mermaid princess.

Before Jiang Xuecheng arrived, Su Wan had already told more than half of the story. Only the ending was left untold.

Nono patiently listened to Su Wan’s story. It opened its big round eyes and listened until the end. It still looked very confused.

“Master, I don’t think this story is good at all. This ending is too bad, isn’t it?”

Su Wan was stunned when she heard that. This was Su Wan’s favorite fairy tale. She did not expect to receive such a bad evaluation from Nono.

Su Wan stared at Nono in a daze and could not help but reach out to touch Nono’s round head.

“Aren’t you moved that the little mermaid has made so many sacrifices?”

Su Wan only realized what she had just said after she said that.

It seemed a little too profound for a robot to say that it was moved.

Because Nono often acted too humanly, she would sometimes unconsciously treat Nono as a human, like a younger brother, or like her own child.

Nono reached out to grab Su Wan’s arm with a serious expression.

“No, I don’t think it’s worth it for the mermaid princess to do this. The prince doesn’t know about the little mermaid’s sacrifice at all. If it were me, I would explain this matter clearly no matter what.”

Su Wan was stunned when she heard that.

“But the little mermaid can’t speak anymore.”

Nono gave Su Wan a look that said, “You’re so stupid.”

“Although the little mermaid can’t speak, she can learn human language. It’s not like she can’t write with her hands. Anyway, I choose to make it clear that I saved the prince. I want him to live with his beloved and like me too.”


Su Wan was completely stunned.

When she read the story of the Little Mermaid in the past, why did she never notice the loopholes in the story?

Seeing that Su Wan was in a daze, Nono leaned next to her and could not help but reach out to shake her arm.

“Master, don’t you think that there’s nothing left after you die?”

The matter of life and death was ultimately uncertain.

Su Wan did not know why, but when she heard Nono’s opinion, her heart actually felt a little sour.

These past few days, she had been feeling uneasy, and she was getting more and more sleepy. This… was a sign of the deterioration of her body’s functions, right?

If one day she died, what would Jiang Xuecheng do?

Su Wan had never thought about this question before, and she did not dare to think too deeply about it.

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Su Wan forced a smile and reached out to pinch Nono’s face.

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