The Human Emperor

Huangfu Qi, 皇甫奇

Chapter 1252 - Floating to the Surface!

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Chapter 1252: Floating to the Surface!

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

“King of Foreign Lands! I, An Yaluoshan, cannot share the same world with you! There will come a day when I tear your body to pieces and offer your remains to Ashina’s soul in heaven!”

The leading Hu’s eyes exploded with loathing and anger. This was none other than the man Wang Chong had pursued in the capital, the man whose sworn brother Ashina Sugan he had slain, An Yaluoshan. Gathered around him were various generals of the Andong Protectorate army.

All these generals had the external traits that indicated that they were Hu, and each of them had vast seas of energy, indicating that none of them were beneath Imperial Martial Tier 8. Moreover, all of these people were seething with killing intent and the stench of blood that came from someone who had emerged from a sea of blood and mountain of corpses. From this, one could see that these people had extremely high status in the Andong Protectorate army.

And all these people were gathered around An Yaluoshan, following his orders.

“An Yaluoshan, now is not the time for you to be angry. The King of Foreign Lands is like the noon sun at this time, and not even the Confucians can do anything to him. We had originally wanted to use the Confucians to deal with ‘that man’, but he ruined our plans. If this continues, as long as the King of Foreign Lands remains in the Imperial Court, we won’t be able to do anything!”

A voice resounded over the mountain, and with this voice, a silver war boot stomped forward. In the blink of an eye, a Hu man with a fiery aura appeared in front of An Yaluoshan. From the energy he displayed, he was at least at the Saint Martial realm.

“That’s right! For the King of Foreign Lands to appear amongst the Tang is nothing good for us. I sense that he will be a major foe for us in the future!”

At this moment, another Hu commander stepped forward, and his aura was even more powerful than the one from before.

The winds blustered, and everyone stared in deathly stillness at An Yaluoshan in the center.

‘In the heavens is the Gou Chen Star, and on earth is the King of Foreign Lands!’

This saying was now commonplace in the Central Plains. The ‘Gou Chen’ was the lord of all stars. It orbited on the edge of the Emperor’s star, the Zi Wei, assisting it, and it primarily signified war and slaughter. And in the Central Plains, Wang Chong’s reputation had long ago surpassed Geshu Han, An Sishun, Duwu Sili, Abu Muslim, and all the other known Great Generals.

Particularly after Wang Chong had killed Arab War God Qutaybah, Wang Chong was now being hailed by the people as the first War God of both the east and west! His status rested above all other Great Generals.

Although these Hu generals were privately unwilling to admit that there was someone greater than them, purely in terms of war record, in his three major campaigns in the southwest, Talas, and Khorasan, Wang Chong had vanquished more than one million enemies. In this aspect, very few people throughout the world could compare to him.

Even they felt rather apprehensive.

“Now is not the time to talk about such things!” An Yaluoshan firmly declared. His bloodshot eyes quickly turned to two figures standing to his right.

“Zhao Kan, Baizhen Tuoluo, you can no longer remain in Youzhou! With our plan having failed, ‘that person’ will quickly send his men over. I’ve already taken care of the Xi and Khitans. The two of you should immediately flee!”

Everything fell silent as everyone turned to the two figures.

One of these men was dressed in white, and his hair, beard, and eyebrows were also all white—an extreme rarity amongst the Hu. The other person had a name that made him seem like a Han, and he fit the appearance too, but if one looked carefully, one would spot the traits of a Hu on his face. He was clearly a Hu-Han mix.

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The two of them were both high-ranking generals under Zhang Shougui, but no one could have imagined that not too long ago, it was these two people who had forged an order from Zhang Shougui to compel Zhang Shougui’s old subordinate, Pinglu Army Commander Wu Zhiyi, to attack the Xi and Khitans. At the same time, they had leaked the route of the army to the Xi, Khitans, and Eastern Turks, eventually leading to the major defeat1.


The two of them nodded and replied in unison.

Whether it was the defeat at the Huang River or the failure of the scheme against Zhang Shougui in the Imperial Court, someone had to take the blame and draw away Zhang Shougui’s wrath. And no ordinary soldier was capable of such a thing.

Gallop! Zhao Kan and Baizhen Tuoluo quickly mounted their horses and rode away.

Not long after they were gone, the earth quaked as countless Youzhou cavalry began to ride toward the mountain.


The eighth day of the fourth month, the birthday of the Buddha, was a day of fine and sunny weather.

In the end days of the Sui and the first days of the Tang, when Emperor Taizong was still a prince and not as famous, he had eighteen senior Buddhist monks protecting him, and in his early days, they repeatedly assisted him in averting various crises, in the end assisting him in ascending the throne. Once he took the throne, Emperor Taizong remembered this period of kindness and returned the favor by permitting the propagation of Buddhism throughout the Great Tang.

For this reason, even though Ablonodan and Arloja were foreign monks from Sindhu who did not speak the language, they had still been able to beg freely throughout the capital and not worry about an empty stomach.

At present, Buddha’s birthday had some significant influence amongst the populace. On this day, quite a number of people would head to their nearby Buddhist temples or monasteries to bathe themselves and offer flowers, and Buddhist idols would be paraded through the streets. At night, a bustling lantern festival and flower fair would be held. Couples in love would make wishes on the upper reaches of the river and then release thousands of lotus lanterns onto the river to flow downstream. As for the literati, scholars, and men of learning, they would use this occasion to express their refinement, gathering in restaurants or tea houses to compose poems.

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“Old Eagle, Zhang Que, today is Buddha’s birthday! Let’s go out for a stroll!”


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