The Great Thief


Chapter 1961 - To Avoid Doing the Dishes

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Chapter 1961: To Avoid Doing the Dishes

“Keep calm and carry on. Stay afloat when things are low, and keep steady when things go awry – that is being a man,” Water Fairy’s eldest uncle, the big brother of the Fan family, praised.

Those sitting next to him were clearly already very old, but they still nodded and agreed politely.

“When this battle ended, Water Fairy was in the semi-finals, just one step away from the championship. Their biggest competitor Glory Capital was shaking in their boots.”

Water Fairy’s third uncle was a professor of the gaming industry, knowing much more than those non-experts sitting around.

“Then what if it does turn out that this Ruling Sowrd and our Snowy’s Drizzle Court fight against each other?”

The one speaking seemed to be the fourth brother, his face full of worry.

“Then we can’t yield. We’ll do whatever we have to; men should do a job well,” the oldest Fan brother said.

Lu Li didn’t know what they were discussing here, but during this time, he had already defeated Magic Cry, despite his disadvantage.

He was wearing the Black Dragonflight Cloak, which came with 20% Magic Resistance.

After the arena competition was over, Ruling Sword led by one point.

Next was the group stage. Ruling Sword couldn’t throw this one, and had to avoid screwing up. After all, everyone that Water Fairy’s grandfather had invited was watching on.

After the competition ended, Ruling Sword claimed victory again, winning 5:2.

They won 5:1 last time, and 5:2 this time, so overall, it was 10:3.

The total points for a round was 5 – 3 for the arena battles and 2 for the group stage. Even if Azure Guard achieved full points in the third round, defeating Ruling Sword 5:0, it wouldn’t change the fact that they were being eliminated.

Ruling Sword smoothly advanced to the next stage.

Of course, this didn’t mean that the third round would not be held.

The third round was often friendly wasn’t entirely public at all. Those who would participate were often second-rate players or new talent.

On Ruling Sword’s side, Fat Monkey and Kitty Likes, as well as Sikong Clear, Princely Beaut and Nuo Yu were selected.

Azure Guard managed to claim the round 5:2 against Ruling Sword, which earned them back a bit of face. The worst thing that could possibly happen was if their main team couldn’t make it, and they also lost to the randomly assorted players from Ruling Sword. That would be shameful.

After entering into the quarter-finals, there would be a suitably long break as they waited for the other clubs to finish.

At this time, Lu Li and his team were First Clearing Archimonde.

When the matchups were decided, Drizzle Court weren’t so lucky – they were facing Glory Capital.

Peerless City was against Seventh Heaven, while Blood Red War Flag was against Wings of Dawn.

His partner had to go fight Glory Capital, and there was nothing he could do either. Lu Li could only offer moral support and hope that she could complete her task.

He still had to go watch the competition, and he even sat in the commentator seat.

He got along with Dark Wind relatively well, so he could choose not to say anything. He could just express his agreement and that was all that was needed.

“Who do you think will win?” Dark Wind asked.

“Wind bro, that’s not a clever question to ask at all,” Lu Li replied.

“But the audience really wants to know! Isn’t that right?”

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Dark Wind really knew how to shift the crowd’s mood. There were countless people watching the livestream who were drinking his words in.

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