The Good-for-Nothing Seventh Miss

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Chapter 292 - Welfare (3)

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Chapter 292: Welfare (3)

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In the following days, Qi Xia would wait for Shen Yanxiao at the Warlock Division’s entrance to bring her to the moonlight spring so that she could have a soak there.

He was always on time, with no exceptions.

 With the effects of the moonlight spring, Shen Yanxiao was no longer as tired as she was before that. Coupled with her daily supplement potions, she brimmed with energy every day.

 The days went by quickly, and before anyone knew, it was already two days before the Herbalist Division’s monthly competition.

 Shen Yanxiao was prepared for it. She was not sure if she could beat Shangguan Xiao with her abilities as she had not truly exchanged notes with anyone until then. Therefore, she was quite hesitant about her skills.

However, she also knew that it was a good thing for her if she could put her skills to some use to try to understand the requirements of the competition.

 A day before the competition, Shen Yanxiao took half a day of leave to register for the competition.

 Ye Qing was also very supportive of Shen Yanxiao’s decision.

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 Even though Shen Yanxiao was much younger than the other students, her mentality and skills were comparable to the top students of the Herbalist Division.

 The registration place for the Herbalist Division’s competition was not far from the library. Just as she came out of the library, she saw Tang Nazhi, who waited for her there.

 “I knew that you would definitely participate in this month’s competition,” Tang Nazhi said with a smile. The young girl did not continue to slim down after he personally took care of her, but the view of her slender arms and legs was still not a good one.

 1It seemed like he had to continue to force her to eat.

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 “Why? Are you also interested?” Shen Yanxiao was not curious about Tang Nazhi’s presence as he had obviously known about her plan. She had also discussed it with them.


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