The Forgotten Princess


Chapter 378 Epilogue 1 (1) (unedited)

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Chapter 378: Epilogue 1 (1) (unedited)

It has been three and a half years since the battle on the eastern sea was over. Atlantia has risen from the depths of the sea and we started to bring Atlantians back there little by little. The whole continent has been united and a whole empire was born.

Like promised, the kingdom of Jennovia is governed by the Grand Duchess Satiana while the kingdom of Alvannia is governed by Grand Duke Richard. Regaleon and I was named emperor and empress of this united continent.

The newly risen Atlantia was decided to be divided in half because of the big land mass. It was decided that Gladiolus will be the monarch to govern the northern part while the south will be governed by Dimitri. Both of them were given a grand duke title. Because Atlantia was submerge in sea water for more than two decades, the land had become barren and was not ready for cultivation. In this past three years, many researchers together with George made efforts to make the soil rich once more to grow crops and other vegetation that is needed for Atlantians to survive. Slowly but surely, parts of Atlantia can now be habitable.

I was now living in Grandcrest, at one of the summer vacation villas owned by the imperial family. I am here now because I am in my last month of pregnancy to our third child. This was my second pregnancy, but it felt like my first because I had a magic pregnancy with the twins.

I suffered from intense morning sickness and was not able to keep down food in my first trimester. At my later months, I was getting cranky more than usual and was often stressed within the palace in the capital. The doctor advised that I get a break from the stress of the capital and take a vacation in my last trimester. He said it will be good to also give birth while there.

"Your majesty, is it not cold outside." Tricia who came with me to the summer villa asked.

I was currently out in the gardens under the shade of a big tree. Tricia laid out a cloth on the grass and I was having a nice time enjoying the breeze outside while eating snacks.

"I am fine Tricia." I replied. "It is not that cold. The breeze feels perfect." I smiled.

"But just in case, use this your majesty." Tricia covered my exposed legs with a blanket.

"Thank you very much." I replied.

Regaleon comes here in the summer villa every three days and goes back to the capital after spending three days with me and the twins. Of course, he still works when he is here but he makes sure to do urgent work while in the capital so he can spend quality time with us.

The empire is just newly established, and work piled up every day in his office as if it is not diminishing even after working until the day ends every single day. At the first years I have assisted Regaleon with his work and we shared the burden. But when I got pregnant with our third child, I was not able to help him. Thankfully, Chris who was given a title Marquis was promoted as his personal assistant. He displayed exceptional skills in managing and politics that helped Regaleon a lot. Dimitri also helped at first but when South Atlantia started to take in people, he was also busy.

"Where are the twins?" I asked Tricia.

"They are currently playing with Philip not far from here." Tricia replied.

Philip was Alex's brother. When Alex died, Regaleon promised to take care of his brother that was left orphaned. Regaleon took him under his wing and gave him the needed education that he deserved. Philip was a good and smart boy and my twins loved him as a big brother. I as well treated him as part of our family.

"Prince Alphonse… Princess Aerith… wait…" I heard Philip yelling.

I saw the twins and Philip running in the garden. The twins were giggling while Philip was panting hard trying to keep up with the twin's stamina. I also giggled seeing this scene.

"Now, now… Al and Rith." I called out to my twins. "Don't tease Philip too much."

"Hahaha… bwodew Philip is swow… (brother Philip is slow…)" Alphonse said.

"Downt wowy bwodew Phil… I will let yow catch me. (Don't worry brother Philip… I will let you catch me.)" Aerith said.

The twins were still having their tongue tied with baby talk and hearing them was music to my ears. Aerith used wind magic to lift herself up and flew towards Philip. Philip on the other hand was shocked with Aerith's sudden movement but was able to catch the little one with his arms. He wrapped little Aerith in his arms protectively.

"Haha, gotcha…" Philp said with a smile.

"Hehehe." Aerith giggled melodiously. "I wowve you bwodew Philip. (I love you brother Philip.)" She hugged him back.

"I love you too." Philip pinched Aerith's chubby cheek.

"Hey… no fwew. (Hey… no fair.)" Alphonse was hugging Philip's waist. "Downt be sewfish. I want to pway wid bwodew Philip too. (Don't be selfish. I want to play with brother Philip too.)" He said while pouting his lips.

"Of course, I am going to play with the both of you." Philip replied with a smile.

"Philip!" I called out. "Come here and take the twins with you to eat some snacks."

Philip quickly carried Alphonse as well and headed towards me. Once they arrived, he carefully put the twins down near me.

"You are really strong Philip." I complimented. "You can still carry the both of them even though they got bigger."

Philip is now twelve years old. He entered the knight's training just months ago and I can see the improvement in his body muscles just after only training a few months.

"Thank you for the compliment your majesty." Philip scratched his head in embarrassment. "But I am still far away from Sir Dimitri and Sir Chris. I want to get even stronger to be able to serve the highnesses in the future."

"I know." I replied with a smile. "But do not over do it okay?" I reminded him.

"Of course, your majesty." Philip replied. "It is the least I can do after you and his majesty had taken me in after my brother's death. I promise to be a worthy knight and serve his and her highnesses."

"You know that we took you in not because we want you to serve us." I said with honestly. "I have already considered you as family and I only ask for you to do the same with us, especially the twins and this one inside." I stroke my bulging belly lovingly.

"I am extremely grateful to you and his majesty." Philip replied. "I have already considered the prince and princess as my own siblings, and I will always respect you and King Regaleon. I will forever be grateful to you and his majesty."

I felt touched with Philip's words. I already felt thankful that Philip will be there for the twins and my little one inside.

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"Come and sit down as well." I patted the space beside me and the twins. "And do not think to refuse. You are already a part of our family." I reprimanded.

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