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Chapter 862 - The supplies get destroyed

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Chapter 862: The supplies get destroyed

Translator: Legge 

Previously, when he rescued the Great Hoodwinker along with Wang Yun, Ji Zi’ang, and the others from the secret prison, the Great Hoodwinker had mentioned something to him. The reason why he got Ren Xiaosu to save them was that he wanted Wang Yun and Ji Zi’ang to become Ren Xiaosu’s supporters in the Northwest.

Later, Ren Xiaosu would occasionally think about the matter of the “supporters” as well. It was not that he coveted power, but after experiencing so much, he realized that if he wanted to protect something, he would someday have to say goodbye to the days of him fighting alone.

Just as Ren Xiaosu had said, a true victory would not be dictated by a particular person but required tens of thousands of people to work hard together to achieve.

And what did Ren Xiaosu lack the most right now? Was he lacking in individual combat ability?

It was leadership Ren Xiaosu lacked. He still had a Skill Duplication Scroll with him, but it was a Basic Skill Duplication Scroll that could only be used to copy advanced skills at most.

It was just like how Wang Jing’s cardiovascular specialization skill he copied was only at the advanced level even though Wang Jing’s proficiency was at master level.

Perhaps gaining an advanced skill would still put him at a much higher level than most people. But the problem was that the opponents in this era were all master tacticians who could play extremely dirty if need be. With only an advanced proficiency in leadership, many of his teammates would die if he faced someone who was a master.

If it were in the past, Ren Xiaosu would have just waited until he had a Perfect Skill Duplication Scroll before he copied someone else’s master-level skill in leadership.

But now, Ren Xiaosu’s concern was that his individual ability was still limited. Since he did not have any proficiency in this area, he should learn it from someone who did.

Currently, he had only come across a few people he thought were extremely well-versed in leadership. One of them was Qing Zhen, while there was also Zhang Jinglin and P5092.

He would definitely not be able to copy Qing Zhen’s skill. And since Mr. Zhang was constantly thinking about retirement, Ren Xiaosu naturally set his sights on P5092.

Over the past two days, the frontline battle report had been sent back, so everyone in the forward operating base knew about the victory the 3rd Division led by P5092 had achieved. When Ren Xiaosu read the battle report, he realized that be it at Mt. Dashi, the forward operating base, or the front line, P5092 had fought all those battles marvelously. It was as though he had a clear picture of the overall situation of the battlefield in his mind.

This person’s talent on the battlefield was enough to make Ren Xiaosu look up to him.

For a moment, the words “Prosperous Northwest” started lingering in Ren Xiaosu’s mind, unable to be suppressed.

However, the only thing that worried Ren Xiaosu a little was that P5092 really had no qualms about sacrificing others by having them act as decoys. Such behavior did not mesh with the style of the Northwest at all.

Although the people from the Northwest were not afraid to die, Ren Xiaosu was unwilling to let them die in vain by using them as bait. This was probably also why it was very difficult for him to become a commander.

Even a benevolent elder like Zhang Jinglin was prepared to sacrifice the Razor Sharp Company, wasn’t he?

At that time, Zhang Jinglin had already executed a contingency plan in the Gobi Corridor to the north. But to prevent a spy from getting wind of that plan, Zhang Jinglin did not tell Ren Xiaosu anything about it.

Ren Xiaosu did not blame Zhang Jinglin for it, because making the calmest decision amid chaos and leading the troops to victory was what a commander should do.

The last thing that should happen in the world was to use morality to blackmail a commander. Because there was no such thing as morality in war.

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The Pyro Company’s ordinary soldiers were running towards the armory in a bid to get there before the barbarians.

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