The Favored Son of Heaven

Highrise Building

Chapter 560 - Sensational in the Federation

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Chapter 560: Sensational in the Federation

Translator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus Tales

Deafening claps of thunder shook the entire stadium as blood came dripping down the ears of hundreds of thousands of people almost at the same time. And the viewers who were watching the entire thing on their computer took off their headphones immediately, covering their ears with their hands to shield their ears from the deafening clap that had just entered their ears.

 The people in the stadium covered their ears on one side as they felt the shock under their feet caused by the collision on the other side. Their bodies rocked left and right as they tried to avoid falling down.

 The aura energy filled the entire sky as the huge palm of Ten Thousand Buddha Greets that was visible to the naked eye disintegrate into pieces after pressing Qin Fen thirty-some meters back. Qin Fen, hovering in the air, looked at Tathagata who had disappeared into the horizon already. He gently exercised the fingers of his right hand as he looked in the direction where Tathagata had disappeared; a deep furrow on his brow as he fell into his thoughts. Is this the strength of the heaven aura? After one’s martial dao entered the human aura realm, the gap between every realm is like the difference between heaven and earth.


 Qin Fen took a deep breath with a solemn look on his face. After this battle, he had a deeper understanding of Saturn’s strength. If Tathagata had entered the realm of heaven aura, then Kshitigarbha, Jade Emperor must also be in heaven aura realm. And similarly, King Qin Guang, who enjoyed equal fame, might also have the strength of heaven aura realm.

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 Tathagata was stronger than he had expected.

 “Old Qin.” Xue Tian flew to Qin Fen’s side holding his katana and said with a smile, “Tell me, if the constellation warriors are actually in the heaven aura realm, then what realm has the legendary divine beasts has entered?”

 “Divine beast..”

 Qin Fen shook his head lightly. Perhaps I should ask Master, who had fought with Qilin once, what realm Song Wendong’s strength was actually in. With that, it might be possible to predict the strength of other divine beast martial artists.

 “Qin Fen, you killed my Xianglong, I will definitely kill you to avenge Xianglong…”

 Tathagata’s message floated over from the distant horizon. His powerful and sonorous voice echoed in every direction. Qin Fen, on the other hand, said nothing. Apparently, Tathagata had not used his entire strength just now when he cast the Ten Thousand Buddha Greets. The difference between the heaven aura and earth aura was like the gap between earth aura and the human aura.

 Tathagata might have left but Qin Fen was still here. Countless people watching the concert over the internet looked at Qin Fen with surprise.

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 Martial artists in the ranks of martial dao master rarely showed up in public. And even more rarely fought in public. Many of the rumors regarding martial dao masters were usually just someone’s speculations.

 In the rumors, all martial dao masters were over the age of forty; some even had white beards hanging down to their chests. Almost no one in the Federation expected such a young martial dao master to exist in the world. And what they had not expected even more so was that a fight between martial dao master could not be seen by the naked eye; they could only hear the deafening claps from their clashes.

 “Is this young man’s name Qin fen?”

 “There is actually such a young martial dao master in the Federation?”

 The viewers over the internet looked at the landing Qin Fen, flabbergasted, whereas Ya Fei and Ya Xin, who were standing on the wrecked stage, looked at Qin Fen with a smile on their faces.

 At this moment, melodious music echoed in the stadium once again. The rioting crowd no longer returned to their seats; they simply stood in their places, reveling the melodious voices of the two girls.

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 Without the splendid stage or various efficient acoustics, the heavy metal rock of the two girls returned to the most original state of the music for a moment. It juxtapositioned with the lingering vibes of the previous battle, they performed a concert of the highest level in their long career.

 At the end of the four-hour-long concert, the members of the Flying Hearts were escorted by the army to a smaller area in the range of the military headquarters. The death of the Terrorist King would not cause any setback to the crazy terrorists. On the contrary, it would only act as a stimulant. In order to protect the safety of the two girls, the military headquarters was the safest place.

 If terrorists wanted to enter the military headquarters, they must face Qin Fen’s team of martial dao masters first. This was absolutely an impossible mission for a terrorist organization that just had almost all its high-level experts killed.

 At the end of the concert, the Federation’s network entered an unprecedented state of fervor. Countless sites broadcasted the scene of Qin Fen’s decisive battle with the Terrorist King. Although they couldn’t even see a shadow, much less kicks and punches, listening to their clash was enough to make the viewers’ blood boil!

 The sky battle net forum had the largest influx of people in a day since their server was created.

 Countless people were discussing Qin Fen. The legendary Terrorist King had fallen; he had become the most important stepping stone for the rise of the legend, Qin Fen.

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 Some well-informed people even dug out the material pertaining to the battle of Hallasan and found all the details on Bae Seong-Joon and Kyokushin Kouten, who were killed by Qin Fen in that battle.

 For a while, Qin Fen’s reputation continued to rise. Xue Tian and Solomon also attracted the attention of a large number of people at the same time. The three youngsters…no! It was a group of youngsters of similar age! There was indeed a new group of young martial artists who didn’t fight in the video but were all capable of flying.

 “Qin Fen is so fierce! Haha, I am really skillful in teaching and providing guidance! Even if I can’t be a divine beast martial artist in this life, I guess I can really be a master of a divine beast.”

 In the Sacred Martial Hall, Ferrero, who was sitting on the ground leaning against the wall, nudged Sakra’s shoulder with his elbow with a smile on his lips, watching the battle through the projection that others could not see. “Tell me, if we fought with Qin Fen now, who do think will win?”

 The corner of Sakra’s eyes twitched as he cast a sidelong glance at Ferrero. Suddenly, he stood up and started walking towards the exit, leaving a few words as he walked out of the room. “I want to go to Saturn.”

 “Saturn!? Sakra, you haven’t forgotten that our Sacred Martial Hall has an aloof status, have you? We can’t intervene…”

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 “I know, so, I will just take a look and come back.”

 “Then, count me in too!”

 Saturn’s military headquarters was busier than ever. Many young residents of Saturn were calling, one by one, just to ask the same question: the conditions and methods of joining the army.

 Qin Fen returned to his room in a hurry and took a shower. And just when he returned to the bedroom, he received a message.

 Solomon has disappeared. In order words, Solomon left the military headquarters and no one could find where he went.

 “Disappeared?” Qin Fen looked at the flashing message icon at the upper right corner of the screen. He casually opened and to his surprise, it was a message from Solomon.

 I’m going out for a while. You can carry on with your things. Just give me a call if there is a problem. Don’t disturb if there is nothing, I am going to cut some people.

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 Qin Fen closed the text message and pondered for a while. He knew that this guy was most likely going to the terrorist organization to relive his boredom.

 Generally, only a few martial dao masters would pay attention to terrorists. Terrorists might not be normal but they rarely provoked martial dao master-like terrifying existences. And martial dao master also had friends and families. They usually didn’t provoke the terrorist organization. As such, both sides lived in peace and quiet with each other.

 But Solomon was different. So what if the terrorists attacked Solomon Family for revenge? What did that have to do with him? And if terrorists wanted to trouble Miss Fiery? It wasn’t a big problem. All they needed was to charge into Saturn’s military headquarter first.

 “Terrorist organizations may remain really quiet for some time.” Qin Fen leaned back and mumbled to himself. He reached out and picked up the helmet for the sky battle net that was ordered to be placed by the bed by Yang Lie.

 Looking at the helmet in his hands that he hadn’t touched for many days, a warm smile appeared on Qin Fen’s lips. Back then, it used to be one of my main sources of income. I haven’t gone online for a really long time.

 As Qin Fen connected the helmet, the familiar login screen reappeared before him. Qin Fen quickly entered the forgotten account name.

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 “Welcome, Thirty-Six Hours…”

 A familiar voice, a familiar scene. Qin Fen appeared on a barely familiar street, looking at the passerby in surprise.

 The sky battle net had a variety of functions. One of which was the option to choose to let your nickname visible on top of your head for the others to see. But only a few people would use this option. Everyone preferred to hide their nickname.

 But today, this street was very different from the usual. The passerby had all chosen to show their nicknames. And all these nicknames were similar.

 ‘Real. Qin Fen’, ‘Qin Fen. my idol’, ‘I will only marry. Qin Fen’, ‘Qin Fen. The real man’, ‘Invincible under the heavens. Qin Fen’…

 Qin Fen, standing on the virtual street of the sky battle net, watching those people moving back and forth with their IDs visible to everyone, was somewhat dumbfounded.

 It has only been a few hours since I left the concert and returned to the military headquarters but so many have already appeared on the sky battle net…

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