The Evil Prince and his Precious Wife: The Sly Lady


Chapter 279 - Different Factions

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Chapter 279. Different Factions

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

Ouyang Shaochen was going to go out soon. She had no choice but to pull Gong Qianyu away when she failed to persuade him to leave.

When Gong Qianyu got pulled along, he felt the touch of Murong Xue’s warm soft hand on his. He said awkwardly, “Alright, there are some interesting places to visit in the capital.”

Suddenly, as the door of the room was opened, Ouyang Shaochen strode out. When he saw the two receding away, his flawless face became gloomy. He asked Murong Xue to persuade Gong Qianyu to leave, but she actually abandoned him and was going to have a tour around with Gong Qianyu.

Strong coldness from Ouyang Shaochen burst out and the temperature in the house instantly dropped to its lowest point. Murong Xue, who was walking fast on the flagstones, could even feel the coldness and it gave her chills. Looking at the sun in the sky, she knitted her eyebrows. It was sunny and hot. Why would she feel cold?

“Murong Xue, did assassins come here last night?” A nice male voice made its way to her ears. Murong Xue suddenly came to her senses and raised her head to look at Gong Qianyu. “Why do you ask?”

The bodies of the assassins had been thrown back to the Prime Minister’s Mansion, all the blood stains cleaned up and the destroyed houses repaired. The house remained the way it had been. How could Gong Qianyu tell that some assassins came here last night?

“The plants over there are chopped down. There seemed to be an intense fighting,” Gong Qianyu said.

Murong Xue followed the direction Gong Qianyu pointed at and looked up, only to see some were mutilated in the flowers. The mutilated parts could only be seen when people went close to them. Gong Qianyu had really sharp eyes!

At the mention of assassins in black, Murong Xue suddenly remembered that they were guards in the Prime Minister’s Mansion and Gong Qianyu would be the son-in-law of the prime minister in the future. It seemed that she had borne a grudge against Gong Qianyu’s fiancée and future father-in-law.

Murong Xue said unnaturally, “Does the prime minister belong to your faction? Do you have his support?”

Gong Qianyu shook his head. “No!”

Murong Xue was startled. “Why? Isn’t he your future father-in-law?”

Gong Qianyu flushed with shyness and stammered. “I got engaged to Cang Susu under the pressure of emperor when I was young. I just…”

“No more explanation. I got it,” Murong Xue interrupted him. Ancient adults liked to arrange child betrothals for their children when they were young. When she was just transported to the ancient time, she had also been engaged to Ye Yichen since childhood.

However, the ancients married for advantages and powers. Since Gong Qianyu and Cang Susu had an engagement, the prime minister and Gong Qianyu became stakeholders. The marriage would bring great benefits to the prime minister. Why didn’t the prime minister support his future son-in-law?

Looking at her smiling face, Gong Qianyu breathed a sigh of relief. “Prime Minister Cang, as the head of civilians, has always remained neutral.” He continued without emotions, as if it was something unimportant, “He has never bothered to participate in the battle for the future emperor!”

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