The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Xiangsi Zi, 相思梓

Chapter 468 - Deal

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Chapter 468: Deal

Just then, she hears the voices of a man and a woman.

It’s accompanied by the sound of footsteps, coming closer and closer to where she is.

Ying Mei quickly closes her eyes.

Then, she hears a familiar voice.

“It’s nothing more than an insignificant subordinate from Jun Muyan’s side, a man at that. Ghost King, for you to go so far as to involve so many people like this – it’s truly a surprise. Let’s see now, the man’s appearance this time isn’t that great, is it?”

This voice, it’s Shi Lanling!!

Could it be that this woman is the one who plotted against her?!

But just by herself, how could this woman possibly poison her and make her lose consciousness?

Soon after, Ying Mei hears a male voice that’s rather conspicuously effeminate, “Shi Lanling, what qualifications does an ugly person like you have, that you can assess Ying Mei’s appearance?”

“Xuan Ji, you–!!”

“Whatever, I’m merely working together with you. I provide you with a formula, and you refine a Pill for me. As for other matters, it’s not your place to meddle.”

The room goes quiet for a short while, only filled with the sound of Shi Lanling’s heavy breathing.

A good while later, she speaks through gritted teeth: “Since we’ve established that we’re in a cooperative relationship, you should know that I’ve already completed what you wanted me to do, but you still haven’t accomplished what you’ve promised me!”

“Hah, isn’t it just Jun Muyan’s life!” the man’s voice is brimming with disdain, “Don’t worry, it’s just a mere mortal. Sooner or later, Ben Wang will deliver her into your hands, and it would be up to you whether you want to humiliate her, or turn her into mincemeat.”

Shi Lanling takes a deep breath, “There’s also Jun Muyan’s little lowbreed, get rid of him for me! When the time comes, I want Jun Muyan to watch with her own eyes as her man and I are billing and cooing, and I’m going to chop up her little spawn into meat paste, then I’ll personally feed it down her throat!”

As long as Jun Muyan and that little lowbreed are gone-

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Di Ming Jue’s eyes would definitely fall on her. By then, that godlike man will surely belong to her.


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