The Devious First-Daughter

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Chapter 609 - Past Cause, Present Effect

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Chapter 609 Past Cause, Present Effect

The head of the female prison brought Ning Ziyan in and bowed respectfully to Ning Xueyan before leaving.

Sensing that she had arrived at her destination, Ning Ziyan raised her head and revealed a pair of bloodshot eyes. She stared blankly at Ning Xueyan, who looked noble and calm in her chair. Ning Xueyan was, as always, wearing a plain dress with minimal accessories. There was only a small embroidery of a moon on her dress, carrying a touch of greenery.

The dress made Ning Xueyan’s face look as bright and smooth as jade. Her delicate facial features were beginning to reveal what a devastating beauty she would become. She looked a little quiet, a little cold. With unreadable emotion in her ink-black eyes, she stared at Ning Ziyan without saying anything.

All of a sudden, Ning Ziyan found those eyes to be very familiar. She muttered to herself subconsciously, “Ning… Ziying!”

The name had been buried in her heart for a long time; she almost thought that she had forgotten about that idiotic woman who dared to reach above her station. How dare that orphan get engaged with an outstanding man like Xia Yuhang! She was the only woman worthy of such a gentle, handsome man.

Ning Ziying was unworthy.

“You stole her marriage and killed her. Ning Ziyan, you only have yourself to blame for your outcome,” Ning Xueyan said coldly, with a slight smile.

“Ning Ziying, you’re here for me. You’ve finally come to find me!” Ning Ziyan stared at Ning Xueyan. Unbeknownst to herself, she was shouting. She pointed at Ning Xueyan all of a sudden, seemingly above to rush at her. Lanning, who was standing behind Ning Xueyan, stepped forward and stopped her. Ning Ziyan didn’t have much strength, so she stopped moving forward after being stopped.

“Ning Ziying, it’s useless to come for me. It’s your fault for being engaged with Brother Yuhang. The Lord Protector’s Manor was kind enough to take an orphan like you in, yet you dare to covet Brother Yuhang and want to marry him. You should look into the mirror and see if you’re worthy of him.”

The familiar eyes in front of Ning Ziyan turned into the eyes of a gentle, lovely young woman. The sight of Ning Ziying’s eyes brimming with tears after getting reprimanded gave Ning Ziyan a sense of satisfaction. The more she spoke, the more vicious her words became. It was as if this was the only way she could see the desired submission in those beautiful eyes.

Ning Ziying should have submitted to her. She was the eldest daughter of the Lord Protector’s Manor and a young lady of distinguished status. Ning Ziying was just a village orphan. She wanted Ning Ziying to die for daring to steal her Brother Yuhang.

“If you have some wits with you, you’ll give me Brother Yuhang, throw yourself in a river, and die lest you give me and Brother Yuhang trouble.”

The gentle eyes before her turned resentful, with blood spreading over it. There was so much blood that Ning Ziyan felt that even her surroundings had been dyed red. Amid the blood, that beautiful girl collapsed on the ground, still stubbornly refusing to lower her head. She went up and kicked her several times in resentment. How dare that slut charge at her and bite her.

What a slut, indeed. Ning Ziying even smeared her nasty blood on her.

“Get out of my way, slut. Brother Yuhang doesn’t want you. I’m the one he wants to marry,” she shouted.

“Ning Ziyan, are you insane? Well, this is apt. Xia Yuhang is about to marry his sweet bride, so a demoted wife like you can die now. But don’t drag the Lord Protector’s Manor down before dying.” A cold and hostile voice entered Ning Ziyan’s ears while she was muddle-headed, causing her to subconsciously widen her eyes.

She looked at the lovely pair of cold and ruthless eyes. Those eyes were very beautiful, very familiar, but also very cold. They were not at all the ones in her memory. Suddenly, she recovered her senses and looked at Ning Xueyan in shock. She held onto the wall beside her to stabilize her footing.

“Ning Ziyan, no one is going to stop you from going mad but listen well if you want to occupy the position of Xia Yuhang’s wife.” Ning Xueyan looked at Ning Ziyan with a grim expression and a sneer. Ning Ziyan was indeed as selfish and wicked as she thought; not only did Ning Ziyan steal Ning Ziying’s marriage, but she even blamed Ning Ziying for reaching above her station.

How can a person be so selfish and wicked? Everything that she had her eye on could only be hers. If others didn’t give in to her, it would be their fault for being inferior and they deserved to die by her hands. Madam Ling’s two daughters were indeed her very own; all three were just as malicious.

Only they could mistreat others and never the other way around. That was just perfect for Ning Xueyan. This was what she needed at this time.

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“Xia Yuhang is going to marry that slut, Hua Qiuying!” Ning Ziyan scolded with gritted teeth. “I’m Xia Yuhang’s official wife, not her! That slut shouldn’t even dream about it.”

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