The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO

Aromatic Peach Blossoms, 桃花朵朵香

Chapter 793 - So It’s That Important (9)

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Chapter 793: So It’s That Important (9)

If Mu Huan could enter NST, with so many old professors teaching her, her improvement would definitely be rapid. This would also bring forward the age of her achievements by a lot. She might even be able to win an international award before the age of 30. When that time came, she would stand with a group of middle-aged and elderly scientists to receive an award. She would definitely be the most handsome person in the scientific research field!

If Mu Huan knew that he was comparing her looks with the middle-aged and elderly scientists, she would probably vomit blood.

As he did not know if Mu Huan could pass the assessment, Liu Changfeng did not say anything else.

The next day…

Mu Huan was woken up by her phone ringing. She reached for her phone and saw that it was her father.

“What’s wrong…” As she was woken up, her tone was full of sleepiness.

“Why are you still in the mood to sleep?!” Mu Dongsheng’s anxious voice came through the phone.

“Why should I not be in the mood to sleep?” She had stayed up late last night to finish writing the experiment report and was about to die from exhaustion. Why wouldn’t she sleep?

“You’re about to lose your husband, yet you’re still capable of sleeping!” Mu Dongsheng was really worried for his daughter.

“Hubby is mine and can’t run away. If he’s not mine, it’s useless even if I insist on keeping him.” Mu Huan thought that he had called because he had seen the television report yesterday.

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“How can you say it so lightly! You have to do something! Especially since it’s your fault this time! I’m not criticizing you, but no matter how much you dislike Ling Wei and think that she wants to snatch your husband, you can’t go to the company to cause trouble! Don’t you know that men hate it the most when women go to their company to cause trouble? You used to be so smart, but why have you become so stupid now?!”

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