The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy

Bean Ding Ding

Chapter 1764 - A Moment Of Life And Death (Part Nine)

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Chapter 1764: A Moment Of Life And Death (Part Nine)

However, the police officers had jobs to do while they were on duty, especially at night. All kinds of weird things like ghosts and snakes would come at them, making the night shifts busier than working during the day.

Yet, for the two bachelors to bring home two babies, what was supposed to happen?

“Captain, you have Sis-in-law. So, why don’t you take both of them with you?” The vice-captain said with a suggestive expression on his face.

Qian Yikun, “…”

He was afraid that Mo Fei would strangle the babies to death.

However, he remembered that his parents were still at the resort. Otherwise, there was Ye Yuwei around too. Considering the possibility that the vice-captain would ruin the child since he did not know how to take care of one, Qian Yikun decided to bring the children home himself.

The two babies were placed on the baby chairs in the car. As Qian Yikun arranged the chairs for them, he looked at the babies whose eyes were filled with tears but kept trailing after him. He reached out and touched their faces before he closed the car door and departed.

Qian Yikun brought the two children to the resort. Along the way, the two children were obedient and did not wail as if the sky was falling.

In truth, there was another important reason he decided to leave with the two children—he wanted to see how Mo Fei would treat the children.

Moreover, even though he had heard from Mo Fei that the Ding family had lost a daughter before, he was still a little surprised when he saw it with his own eyes, especially when he remembered that his mother had also mentioned that Mo Fei looked somewhat similar to Mrs. Ding.

Somehow, he felt that some things were connected, but he could not find the connection.

What exactly was it?

Qian Yikun returned to the resort at half-past nine. It was a lively time at the resort because there was a bonfire party tonight.

Qian Yikun got off the car. Then, he opened the car door and looked at the two little fellows who were sound asleep.

“The rest is up to you guys. Be good and don’t get killed.” As Qian Yikun spoke, he bent down and lifted one of them out. The baby was so small that he could almost grab it with one hand. Thus, he made sure not to use too much force.

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Not far away, Ye Yuwei, who was watching the bonfire party, looked over and saw Qian Yikun, unsure of why he was loitering beside his car. “What’s your man doing?”

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