The 99th Divorce

Wan Lili, 万里里

Chapter 2160 - Regardless of My Gripes in the Past, I Have to Face up to Reality Now

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Chapter 2160: Regardless of My Gripes in the Past, I Have to Face up to Reality Now

“Would I have gone crazy if you hadn’t provoked me?” Shen Zhilie asked.


Ye Qianqian was not amused. “If you didn’t cross the line, would I have provoked you?”

“What? When did I cross the line?”

Shen Zhilie’s eyebrows rose as he reached over to touch her. “Spell it out for me.”

Ye Qianqian tried to dodge his hand, but couldn’t escape his claws. “You’re still at it?”

“The seed has been stored for so long,” Shen Zhilie leaned over, “It needs to be released all at once.”

“Wake up! Young man!” Ye Qianqian exclaimed, “This is your older brother’s house!”

Shen Zhilie chuckled and pinched her cheek. “Come on. Let’s get up and bathe.”

“Right away!”

Shen Manting’s condition today was surprisingly good.

Shen Luo’an had already headed over to the laboratory and she sat alone in the living room, cutting paper.

When she heard the door open, Shen Manting looked up and saw Shen Zhilie walking out of the room.

He was in high spirits, and satisfaction was written all over his face.

Shen Manting couldn’t help but smile when she saw his expression and she remarked, “You’re really happy!”

“Yep!” Shen Zhilie sat down and looked at the paper in front of her. “What are you doing?”

“I was bored with nothing to do so, I decided to get to work. Where’s Qianqian?” Shen Manting glanced at the room as she asked.

“She’s inside. She doesn’t want to come out,” Shen Zhilie glossed over the question. “How have you been lately?”

“Well,” the smile on Shen Manting’s face ebbed off as she lowered her head to look at the paper cutting in her hands. “I seem to be able to communicate with Little Manting,” she said softly.

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When Shen Zhilie heard that reply, his expression turned serious.

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