Tempest of the Stellar War

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Chapter 1273 - Royalty

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Chapter 1273: Royalty

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This was the power, according to the legends, that could only be attained by the ancestors. It had actually been awakened in him. In that moment of facing death, in the boundless darkness, just as he thought he would be trapped in the endless darkness for eternity, he felt a wave of heat slowly surging from his body. This heat was like a ball of flames gradually growing bigger, burning his body. Achilles was actually undergoing treatment at that moment, and the doctors, at some points, thought that he was on the verge of death. However, this wave of heat which seemed to be killing him was, in fact, reshaping Achilles. For twenty years, Achilles’ practice of the Heavenly King Arts had been meticulous. Even though he knew that perhaps it was just keeping him strong and healthy, it did not really increase his power, yet Achilles had never slacked in his practice. He knew that this was the pride of the people of the Moon, the pride of the Doyle family. Others could forget it, could pay no attention to it, but he simply could not.

He, Achilles, was the descendent of the Doyle family; the successor of the great Heavenly King Arts.


The energy shot through the sky. The blue Knight of the Holy Light held a spear and the entire momentum had transformed into an invincible spear.

Pointing the spear after a sweeping motion, Ouyang Chuanyun felt a tremendous thrust.

What the bloody hell was this thing???

No one had ever been seen or heard of this type of momentum before. It completely crushed his aura. His opponent was merely at Earth-rank two level and his movements were soft – how could he possibly fight with him?


A ray of Holy Light shot to the sky. Ouyang Chuanyun would never be humiliated in front of the Aslan population. He had worked hard and waited for today.

His Ability X exploded with the aid of the holy light. The Holy Light was undoubtedly the most special among all the attributes. Negative powers were useless against it. At the same time, it was like being blessed by the gods and could upgrade a person’s abilities. Anyone who possessed such attributes seemed to have received a natural bonus. This was a gift that was far beyond that of ordinary people. There was a kind of person that was born different. But to him, Achilles was just a rich country boy. What rights did he have to be royalty?!

Then again, what was royalty?!

Royalty was history!

Regardless of good times or bad times, if one could maintain self-elegance and composure, it was royalty. The people of the Moon had gone through ups and downs and were undoubtedly worthy of this.

The two mecha bowed their bodies like hunting leopards, ready to strike anytime. Using the power of the Holy Light, Ouyang Chuanyun steadied his imposing manner, at least not allowing the opponent’s strange aura to disturb him.

This was the “battle of the knights” between the old and new royalties!

This thought crossed everyone’s minds. Yet there had never been an opportunity for a confrontation like this because the Moon had fallen so fast.


The two mecha charged forward at lightning speed. The explosions sounded almost instantaneously. The two spears attacked venomously.

The tips of the spears struck with near perfect precision.



The spear of the silver Knight of the Holy Light unexpectedly bounced upward… The spear completely lost control and bounced upwards. Shocked, but almost instantaneously, Ouyang Chuanyun took control of the mech and opened up a distance.

He was visibly shaken. However, Achilles’ Knight of the Holy Light did not pursue, which made it seem as if Ouyang Chuanyun had frightened himself instead. It was extremely… embarrassing. The mood suddenly became very different.

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