Talisman Emperor

Xiao Jinyu, 萧瑾瑜

Chapter 1685 – Arriving Late

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The alliance between Luo Shaonong and Gongye Zhefu had really exceeded the expectations of everyone in the surroundings, and it caused the situation to change abruptly, causing Le Wuhen’s group to be in a precarious situation.

After all, no matter if it was Luo Shaonong or Gongye Zhefu, their strengths were sufficient to crush anyone in Le Wuhen’s group.

Now that they’d joined forced and even had Spirit God Exalts like Di Jun, Yue Ruhuo, and Jin Qingyang as their companions, their overall strength had far exceeded Le Wuhen’s group.

It was even to the extent that the others suspected that even if Chen Xi was able to rush back here in time, he would probably be powerless to change anything.

At this moment, Luo Shaonong had undoubtedly become the most dazzling person here. If nothing unexpected occurred, then the ninth-grade Emperor Rank Ancestral Dao Root hidden in the Genesis Ancestral Root would definitely be obtained by him.

However, right at this moment, Le Wuhen suddenly said, “I remember that there’s only a single ninth-grade Emperor Rank Ancestral Dao Root in the Genesis Ancestral Root. Since there are so many people in your group, it will probably be difficult to distribute, right?”

The meaning behind his words was that perhaps all of them had formed an alliance now and seemed to possess overwhelming numbers, yet when the true fight for the ninth-grade Emperor Rank Ancestral Dao Root began, then would Luo Shaonong and Gongye Zhefu be able to maintain this sort of allied relationship?

He wasn’t trying to drive a wedge between them, and he was merely describing a fact.

However, when he heard these words, a wisp of a smile arose on the corners of Luo Shaonong’s mouth, and he said, “You’re right, for the sake of avoiding such disputes from arising, I’ve long since discussed it with Zhefu and decided that this ninth-grade Emperor Rank Ancestral Dao Root will… belong to him.”

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone in the surroundings was shocked. All of them opened their eyes wide and felt disbelief.

It was a ninth-grade Emperor Rank Ancestral Dao Root, and there was only a single one in the entire Genesis Ancestral Root. So, how could Luo Shaonong possibly be willing to give it away like this?

This was too unbelievable!

It would be easier to understand if Luo Shaonong said that Gongye Zhefu had given up on obtaining this fortune. But it just so happened that a figure like Luo Shaonong had made such a decision, and it was puzzling.

Even Lu Wuhen and the others couldn’t help but feel shocked at this moment. They were utterly unable to figure out the exact reason behind why Luo Shaonong had made such a huge sacrifice.

However, at this moment, no matter if it was Luo Shaonong, Di Jun, or Gongye Zhefu’s group, all of them seemed to be extremely calm. Obviously, they’d already formed an agreement a long time ago, and only they themselves knew if there were any secrets hidden behind all of this.

But no matter what, the current developments of the situation were undoubtedly an extremely heavy blow to Le Wuhen’s group.

For the sake of obtaining this ninth-grade Emperor Rank Ancestral Dao Root, Luo Shaonong’s group had already made meticulous plans for a long time, and their forces were formidable and far exceeded anyone else in the surroundings. Obviously, they were determined to obtain this great fortuitous encounter.

On the other hand, Le Wuhen’s group seemed inferior in comparison, and even their hope of coming out on top seemed tiny.

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“Haha! Brother Kunwu and Pei Wen, both of you don’t have to wait any longer. Let’s set out together.” At this moment, Luo Shaonong spoke once more, and it was like he’d thrown another grenade. It shocked everyone in the surroundings to the point they just stared blankly at him.

After that, two figures appeared swiftly. Shockingly, it was Kunwu Qing and Pei Wen!

The two of them smiled as they cupped their hands towards Luo Shaonong, and then they stood at the side. Obviously, just like Gongye Zhefu’s group, they’d formed an alliance with Luo Shaonong a long time ago.

In an instant, Le Wuhen, Shentu Yanran, Yuqiu Jing, and Zhuanyu Shui were unable to maintain their composure, and their expressions turned gloomy.

Kunwu Qing and Pei Wen truly couldn’t be considered to be strong at all. But they were two Spirit God Exalts after all. Now that they’d joined Luo Shaonong’s group, it caused Luo Shaonong’s group to become even stronger, and it caused Le Wuhen and the others to be unable to help but arouse a feeling of powerlessness.

The situation had changed too quickly!

It changed so swiftly that it had caught them off guard!


All the cultivators in the surroundings sighed with emotion in their hearts. Luo Shaonong is simply extraordinary in his ability to strategize and bring changes in the situation. In merely a short moment, he has taken complete control of the entire situation and played everyone in the palms of his hand. Such ability is absolutely not something an ordinary person can possess.

“Let’s go.” Luo Shaonong took a long glance at Lu Wuhen’s group, and then he headed towards the white jade staircase in the distance.

Gongye Zhefu, Kunwu Qing, and the others followed behind him.

At this moment, Le Wuhen and the others had extremely gloomy expressions, yet they didn’t stop Luo Shaonong’s group in the end. If they entered into battle at this moment, then it would definitely be their group that would be disadvantaged.


Violet divine radiance erupted from the area before the staircase, and it transformed into a powerful oppressive force that smashed down at Luo Shaonong’s group with the intention of stopping their advance.

“Fuck off!” Luo Shaonong flicked his sleeve, causing a wisp of black lightning to transform into a myriad of sharp blades, and it actually easily slashed the violet divine radiance apart, causing it to disperse into the surroundings.

Just like this, he led all of them forward like a peerless and might god of war. He slashed apart the myriads of violet light and ascended along the white jade staircase.


Later on, at the end of the staircase, the figure of an ethereal god was suddenly formed!

It was 27m tall and violet colored divine light flowed throughout its body. As soon as it appeared, a peerlessly terrifying pressure rumbled and smashed towards the surroundings. It crushed space into powder, and it seemed extremely astounding.


It strode forward while it swung the bronze halberd in its hand. It carried a myriad of strands of violet divine lightning as it slashed down fiercely at Luo Shaonong’s group.

Such an attack seemed like it had come from the ages, and it was filled with a terrifying force that was capable of slaughtering the world and obliterating all living beings.

The hearts of Luo Shaonong and the others shook as they’d sensed the approach of danger. They practically instinctively circulated their entire strengths before attacking in unison.

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Various supreme techniques interweaved together while numerous gorgeous divine artifacts soared through the air while emanating divine might as they completely enveloped that area. A terrifying sound of collision that sounded like a thunderclap from the nine heavens resounded, and it seemed like the sun and moon were falling within it while the Grand Dao was wailing in it.


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