Swordmeister of Rome

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Chapter 226 (END)

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Chapter 226: Side-story- Story of the long forgotton past

Lagaope was shocked.

<Broxian! What’s going on?>

Broxian was dying. Lagaope became shocked. Broxian had been so strong that he was now even stronger than him. He should have hundreds of years left considering the regular life span of nobles in Don-Nasian. But he was dying just after he living for 300 years. Broxian answered.

<I don’t know… but I guess I lived long enough. You have other friends too so…>


Lagaope shouted. He couldn’t let Broxian die yet. Lagaope then stopped all of his plan to create superhumans and began traveling around the world to keep Broxian alive.

Lagaope observed the memory quietly. He remembered he had cried so hard in despair when Broxian died. He didn’t understand why back then, but now he knew.

The memory then fast forwarded to when someone came looking for Lagaope.

<Hey, long time no see. But how are you still alive? You really live long.>


<Wait. I’m Conrad now. This fits me better.>


<Hey! What’re you doing? Don’t hug me.>

‘Thank God! He’s back!’

Lagaope cried as his friend came back alive. Then his memory fast forwarded even faster. And now, after 4000 years. A memory stopped at a certain point.

<Huh? Who’s this? The Roman family? Why did he hide the rating?>

Lagaope had finally met him again. He didn’t know back then. But with all of his memory back, he could now see it.

‘Sian, instead of Brok Sian… you fulfilled your wish.’

Sian, the man who helped Lagaope reach the end of his journey.

‘Right… so this was it…’

Lagaope smiled. Then he felt a voice coming to him.

‘You’ve done great work. What did I say?’

Lagaope nodded. All the Lukras and Drakuns had been wiped out to its last. He also had reunited with his friend, even if they did not remember him. His friend also fulfilled his wish. He had been named after the Great God as he wished for a slight moment.

‘Wait… then…’

There was one more wish to be fulfilled. That was when the sight changed. He felt he was getting sucked faraway to someplace.


Lagaope was shocked, but he closed his eyes. He then opened up and heard a familiar voice.

“Look, he’s back up. I told you I didn’t make any mistakes.”

Lagaope looked around. Conrad and Sian were standing in front of him. Sian smiled as he spoke.

“Hehe… so, how was your trip? Did you find what you wished for?”

‘Did you find what you wished for?’

Lagaope then felt tears running down his cheek. Conrad shouted angrily at Sian.

“Hey! Look! What did you do?!”

“Huh? I didn’t do anything! It’s probably tears of joy!”

Lagaope could not stop crying. He just considered them acquaintances he made as he traveled through. But they weren’t. These people were his beginning, the end, and the purpose.

It was now time to wait. Wait for his final wish to come true. Lagaope could now understand why he wasn’t interested in women until now. He had been waiting. Even when he forgot, he had been waiting for his lover.

But there was one big problem. Lagaope remembered Seriana’s last wish she spoke before she died and looked at Sian. He then grinned and shook his head.

‘I hope not.’

Lagaope rose up from the couch and approached Conrad and Sian while laughing.

“I’m okay! Hahaha, stop fighting.”

“Ugh, What’re you doing?!”


“HEY! Why are you punching Lagaope again!”

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“He hugged me! I thought it was an ambush!”

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