Super Soldier

Liang Bufan

Chapter 480 - The Big Boy Who Fell Down on the Street

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Chapter 480 The Big Boy Who Fell Down on the Street

Excellency Ape looked at Liu Kexin who became a little happier. He suddenly asked Liu Kexin seriously, “I have always been curious and have some questions. Can you tell me something?”

Liu Kexin saw Excellency Ape taking the initiative to talk, which was a good start. She said happily, “Yes, if you have any questions, I will tell you as much as possible.”

Excellency Ape asked, “What does it feel like to love someone?”

Liu Kexin looked at Excellency Ape in surprise. Excellency Ape did not look nervous or embarrassed. He just had a serious look.

Liu Kexin hesitated for a moment and murmured, “It is difficult to explain…”

Excellency Ape said, “You can talk about the matter between you and Mr. Dragon.”

“Then… All right.” If anyone else had made this request to Liu Kexin, she might not be willing to talk about these emotional experiences, but the person was Excellency Ape, so she would not refuse him. It was not because Liu Kexin liked Excellency Ape, but she believed that man’s nature was good at birth. She hoped to slowly change Excellency Ape. This process might be very difficult, but she wanted to try to do it.

Since the first time she saw Excellency Ape, she felt that this man was very pitiful. This man, seemingly powerful in the eyes of others, was very pitiful in the eyes of Liu Kexin.

Liu Kexin thought a while. Then she began to talk about the process of getting to know Xiao Bing. Xiao Bing was hospitalized and how they met each other… Later, Xiao Bing helped her a lot, even pretending to be her boyfriend…

Liu Kexin talked for a long time. It was really boring on the plane. Although Liu Henshui did not show much interest, he did not interrupt Liu Kexin. It was better than sitting quietly on the plane.

After hearing this, Excellency Ape asked confusedly, “Why don’t you stay with him since you like him?”

Liu Kexin said, “He already has a girlfriend… She is a very good and excellent girl, much better than me. I don’t want to break up their relationship…”

Excellency Ape asked, “Shouldn’t we strive for what we want?” Just like in Dark World, whoever has strong powers has a high status. The way of fighting to get it is admirable.”

Liu Kexin shook her head and said, “It is not like that. If you like a person, you need to think about everything for the sake of the person. You will consider whether he is happy or not. Will you make him feel embarrassed… Anyway, a lot of things need to be considered.”

Excellency Ape was confused and asked, “I don’t understand why everything should be considered for others. Why do I have to watch others own what I like… Isn’t that cowardice?”

Liu Kexin said, “It has nothing to do with cowardice. If you really love a person, you will care about his feelings. For example, the relationship between Brother Bing and I. I will think whether my intervention will make him feel embarrassed, whether I have broken up their relationship, and whether Brother Bing will feel sorry and unhappy all his life. Only when the person you like is happy can you be really happy.”

Excellency Ape seemed to be confused still, but he did not want to ask anymore. He did not understand it. No one cared about him from his childhood till adulthood, so he did not care about anyone else. Even his parents and his master were killed by him, let alone others.

As for Excellency Ape, everyone bullied him from childhood, which made him independent. It also made him understand that if he did not want to be bullied, he must constantly become stronger. If he wanted something, he could only rely on his strength to fight for it. No one could be relied on, because even his parents never treated him as their own biological child. He could only fight for anything by himself, which was why he did not know how to love.

Because no one loved him, no one cared about him, so he did not understand these things.

Liu Kexin smiled happily and said, “Excellency Ape, if you are tired one day, in fact, you can come to Jiang City and live in our community. If you are bored, I can also talk to you…”Read More chapter on our vi pnovel. com

Excellency Ape snorted and said, “Don’t make fun of me. What’s more, I am a murderer. Are you not afraid of me?”

Liu Kexin shook her head and said, “You are not a terrible murderer in my eyes, but I hate you because you have killed people who should not be killed. But I also sympathize with you. I think it is far less important to punish a person than to change a person. No matter what kind of punishment you receive, the dead will not survive, and if you can change, you will become happy in your future life. If you can use your ability to help society and human beings, will that not be good?”

Excellency Ape sneered and said, “It is a good idea.”

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Liu Henshui giggled and said, “I think that you are a lovely little girl. I am beginning to appreciate you!”

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