Super Soldier

Liang Bufan

Chapter 244 - A Crazy Promise

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Chapter 244 A Crazy Promise

King-kong was a straightforward man who wasn’t very interested in the leadership, it was even more so with Wuyan. This man was very like the way he dressed. He preferred being in the dark. Master Hou knew it, so he asked Wuya to establish the Black Crow Army.

Xiao Bing knew that his goal was achieved when no one dared to object him anymore. He spoke placidly, “I was also shocked when Master Hou passed this title to me before he died. After all, I was only his partner. In terms of seniority, every one of you does have a better claim, because all of you helped Master Hou conquer this world.”

The Paint-face turned silent with his head down. He still held some hostility towards Xiao Bing. After all, Ye Xinyi lost to Xiao Bing. But he did not hate Xiao Bing for that. Though he was obsessed with Ye Xinyi’s beauty, he knew that Ye Xinyi was just taking advantage of him. There was no love between them. He was upset when he heard about the woman’s death. Yet he knew that if this woman was still alive, she would manipulate him to do things he could not even imagine. So it was just hostility and not hate that he felt towards Xiao Bing.

As for the others, they just felt reluctant to have an outsider as their leader. They didn’t have any feud with Xiao Bing. So after what Xiao Bing said, the expressions on their faces turned softer.

Xiao Bing continued, “However since Master Hou granted me such power, I will not flinch. It’s not only your war, but it’s also my war. We must destroy the Long Family!”

As he had expected, the present ones all saw Lord Long as their enemy. Mu Tingchuan discerned it and thought inwardly, “Master Hou did have eyes that could recognize heroes. Xiao Bing intimidated these people with a firm attitude first because he knew he could not win their respect by asking nicely. These blood-thirsty killers will only bend their knees for someone stronger than them. So Xiao Bing showed his unparalleled might first while giving them some space to think.”

Then Xiao Bing tried to soften his relationship with them, to let them know that it was Master Hou who asked him to be their leader. And since he promised Master Hou, he would not fail this dead man.

When these people started to understand him, Xiao Bing mentioned that the Long family was their common enemy at the moment. This was to divert their hostility towards the Long family. It would be easier for people to get along with each other when they had a common enemy.

Although it seemed very simple, it could hardly occur to normal people. In this matter, Xiao Bing was not inferior to Master Hou, who was a master at psychology.

After he incited their hatred towards the Long family, Xiao Bing continued, “Master Hou is dead because of Lord Long’s schemes. You all have been following him for a long time. I assume that your eagerness to avenge him is no less than mine. In the Song Dynasty, when heroes intended to join the rebellion, they needed to show proof of allegiance. And my proof will be Lord Long’s head.”

“If I can’t bring you his head within half a month, then you can choose someone else to sit on this chair in my stead!”

They all looked at him in astonishment. Lord Long had always been on the winning side. Even if Master Hou was still alive, the chance of defeating him was extremely small. After all, this was one province versus two provinces.

Besides, he said that the deed would be done within half a month!

Half a month! It was not merely a promise Xiao Bing made to these people. It was also a deadline Xiao Bing set for himself. After the devil was dead, sooner or later the followers of Buddhism would come for him. Half a month was too long!

Mu Tingchuan said in great disbelief, “Xiao Bing, you don’t have to make such a rash promise. We all understand. It’s Master Hou’s last wish. No one will disobey him.”

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Mu Tingchuan could not understand why Xiao Bing made such a crazy promise. To destroy the Long family within a month? He thought it was hard enough for them to protect themselves. Their chances of defeating the Long family were no more than 30 percent. Yet Xiao Bing just promised them that he would bring them Lord Long’s head within a fortnight.

He’s insane!

But Xiao Bing repeated gravely, “Half a month is enough.”

Xiao Bing slowly rose to his feet. He cast a sweeping glance at them and bellowed, “But during this half month, you will all need to obey every order I give you and get it done precisely. If I fail to bring you his head in 15 days, I’ll leave this place. Do you agree?”

They all thought Xiao Bing was a lunatic. But somehow, they admired his boldness. They all stood up. King-kong spoke first, “We won’t let you die. But if you can avenge Master Hou, I’ll do anything you say.”

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The Snake Lord smiled, “I’m very curious as to where Mr. Xiao’s confidence comes from. However, no problem with me.”


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